Sandi’s Ts Site Review – Busy Pages!

    August 1, 2003

What busy pages!!! SandiT’s site (once I got past the first screen view) had loads to see on it. I also love T’s so “I’ll be back”… The biggest thing I saw about the site is that it is unclear whether it is a commercial or personal site. I couldn’t decide if the point was to buy something or vote for the site. I recommend that those personal site attributes be put on a linked site.

Also, in the very first screen view, the following was noticed on the far right margin:

Not using Internet Explorer?

Other Browser Page <>

Now, I am not a Netscape proponent or even Opera for that matter, but if I used those browsers I might be offended by my favorite browser being known as “Other Browser”. I recommend a simple redirect script that sniffs out the browser type on entry and redirects to the appropriate page automatically. That way neither IE users or “Other Browser” users care one way or the other.

The two trade-a-links graphic at the bottom of the screenview might be a little less obtrusive if it were a link on how to participate with SandiT’s. Unless you are making money from some of these graphics, they should be text links. Nice touch on the patriotism graphics.

All in all, more graphics and marketing on the front page regarding SandiT’s commercial endeavors and less graphics with more text links on the ancillary stuff. The menu at the top of the sub pages is cute. Kind of put me in the mind of the old design at Cloud 8 Stationary.

Thanks for letting me participate.

Sharon Hemmerly

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