RSS tops Blogging in searches for Online PR

    July 24, 2006

RSS and content syndication are good online PR search terms. published a list of online PR phrases that were searched lately:

blogging, blogs, links SEO, online coywriting, onine monitoring, onine PR, online public relations, press center, press releas distribution, reputaiton monitoring, seeding.

Seems odd that they did not include keywords like ‘RSS’ and ‘content syndication’ – RSS gets 50 percent more searches each day than blogging does.

Now it’s entirely possible that someone searching for RSS is not looking for it for online PR purposes, but then that applies equally to the word bloggng. It could be a teeanger looking for a blogging platform.

But someone searching ‘content syndication,’ ‘optimizing press releases’ or ‘create RSS feed’ would be pretty certain to have online PR on their minds.

The searches for ‘content syndication’ have grown over the past six months. And the number of companies publishing their content in feeds is leaping ahead each day.

JupiterResearch’s recent report says a significant percentage of large companies plan to RSS enable their content in 2006. 30 percent said this is due to customer demand!

You should at the very least put RSS feeds on your online newsroom content.


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