Review: Submit Suite – Article Submitter

    March 9, 2007

Here at Search Engine College we generate and receive a high volume of quality articles each month. So you can imagine we were interested to take up Cristina Mailat’s request to review Fastlink2‘s latest product Submit Suite – Article Submitter.

Below is a list of features the product offers:

• Can submit an article to 647 article directories in a matter of hours.

• Author information/profile page, records all submission requirements for every article directory in the database.

• A directory can be selected or deselected from the list manually.

• Google page rank of each directory listed.

• Interface neat and easy to use.

Main benefits:

• Submission of article to multiple directories saves a large amount of time.

• Automatic article format to individual directory submission requirements – another huge time saver.

• Record keeping minimized as Article Submitter records which article has been posted, where and when.

• Research time minimized as database updated with new directories regularly.

Possible limitations:

• No multiple author/profile tool – limited to submitting articles by one author only. (Although Fastlink2 indicated later editions of this product will have multiple author capacity).

• Can not scheduele submissions for future posting.

• Can not submit multiple articles at same time.

• Can only submit to the directories contained in the database (Although it is possible to suggest a new article directory be included).

• Still some record keeping required by author as the software doesn’t store actual article content.

The Article Submitter is reasonably priced at USD $47.00 and would quickly pay for itself in regards to its time-saving capacity. Benefits are greatest for those who need it only for submitting their own articles. If you need to submit articles by several authors, then keep an eye out for future versions.



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