Review on Adobe Illustrator CS

    December 9, 2004

Adobe Illustrator CS is an effective and efficient tool to express one’s ideas visually in print, in the web, and in other media. With its powerful new 3D features, advanced typographical controls, smooth PDF integration, enhanced printing options, and faster performance, it will surely help you explore your artistic imagination and publish your masterpiece anywhere.

Using Adobe Illustrator CS, you’ll get to enjoy lots of benefits. Its 3D capabilities will surely attract many new users because you can create custom 3D shapes and type treatments, add your desired lighting, and wrap your artwork around shapes for reproduction. Its PDF support will also delight web and print designers because you can now create native Adobe PDF files using settings and options consistent with Adobe Acrobat Distiller software.

You can therefore preserve separate layers in an exported PDF file that makes it possible for users to control the display of optional content, such as multilingual text or different versions of a design.
With it, you can also save 3-D attributes as a graphic style that include art board dimensions, styles, symbols, layers and many more for easy reuse. You can also start the design process by choosing from its wide range of pre-designed templates to create your desired artwork.

You can also easily create text-intensive layouts, set classy-looking type, and format individual characters, lines of type, or entire paragraphs on a single click with its new text composition controls, true paragraph and character styles, and other features. Truly, web designers can create elegant text with virtually no effort at all.

Adobe Illustrator CS also has the following advantages for amateur and professional web designers and graphic artists out there. You can easily distort and liquefy your artwork in any possible manner using the envelopes and live distortion tools. You can also utilize the pencil, smooth, erase and pen tools. You can also apply live effects without affecting your primary design and you can edit it any time without having to start all over again. You can also easily move between Illustrator and other Adobe products using the well-known Adobe user interface and integrate your artwork into other Adobe applications. You can also enjoy faster opening, saving and fine-tuning printing of files; copying and pasting; and displaying of your artwork thus, giving you fast and consistent print results.

Beyond Adobe Illustrator CS’s ability to work in a check-in, check-out production environment, its newly added awesome capabilities alone truly make it worth the recent improvement for existing and target users. Its retail price might be quite expensive, especially when it will be paired with Adobe’s very limited free technical support, but it is nevertheless a valuable upgrade.

We can’t deny the fact the 3-D functions of the Adobe Illustrator CS make it stand out among the others. However, it is the workaday PDF and print output that secures its position as the drawing program of choice in a print production workflow in the market.

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