Research and Markets Announces Addition of Wireless Healthcare

    August 25, 2004

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Wireless Healthcare 2004 to their offering.

Recently the healthcare sector has evolved toward investing heavily in IT and telecommunications. Now the race is on to automate clinical processes and increase the efficiency of the healthcare sector, to meet the challenge of caring for an ageing population and treating diabetes and other lifestyle diseases that are afflicting younger people. As it can be rolled out quickly and relatively cheaply, wireless networking infrastructure has a key role within the healthcare sector. However, wireless technology in general — and mobile technology in particular – can be used to do more than merely automate existing clinical processes. They can also be used to support new and innovative processes and services in the primary, secondary and public healthcare sectors.

This report provides a comprehensive review of the market for wireless based ehealth, examining the key areas in which wireless and mobile technology will impact on the healthcare sector, and describes the challenges and opportunities faced by IT vendors, network operators and healthcare providers as mobile ehealth services are deployed.

While health providers are already geared up to dealing with an increasing number of elderly patients, and could probably cope with a rise in instances of obesity related diseases, they cannot do both without automating clinical processes and using technology to improve public health.

For the healthcare sector wireless and mobile technology have come along at an opportune time. For decades the healthcare sector has lagged behind the manufacturing and financial sectors in the adoption of automated processes. Now it can use mobile and wireless technology to realise the sort of efficiency gains achieved by banks and large businesses.

This report explains how mobile and wireless based healthcare services will cause gradual fragmentation of the healthcare sector, as an increasing number of clinical processes and patient monitoring services are provided by private companies. The report identifies home monitoring of the elderly and GPS enabled phones that double as heart monitors as technologies that have been ‘productised’ and are marketed to patients.

This report also identifies services that could provide significant revenue for mobile operators and IT vendors, and describes a range of technologies and processes that could open up the healthcare market to a new generation of providers.

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