Report: Google To Snap Up DocVerse

By: Doug Caverly - December 21, 2009

So much for the idea of December being a quiet month.  First we witnessed the acquisition of AppJet, and now, a new report’s indicated that Google’s more or less sure to buy a company called DocVerse.

The two deals are taking place in the same space, since, like AppJet, DocVerse is focused on allowing people to collaborate on documents in real-time.  The trick is that, while AppJet has its own software (EtherPad), DocVerse would provide Google more of a link to existing Microsoft products.

DocVerse was founded by two Microsoft veterans, and as explained in an "About Us" section, "combines the benefits of web-based collaboration tools like Google Docs and Zoho with the power and familiarity of the world’s most popular productivity application, Microsoft Office.  DocVerse offers the first ever product to truly enable real-time sharing and editing of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files."

So Google’s acquisition of DocVerse could greatly increase the appeal of Google Docs and/or Google Wave (depending on what the search giant decides to do with the technology), bringing it into equal footing with a competitor.

Anyway, Michael Arrington puts DocVerse’s price at "around $25 million," and there’s no word on when the deal might officially close.

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