Report: Google Preparing iPhone-Specific Ads

    October 10, 2008

Let’s stereotype the average iPhone user, shall we?  He’s young, an early adopter, and not poor – an advertiser’s dream.  So, as a new report indicates that Google’s gearing up to deal with iPhone-specific ads, the plan makes perfect sense.

Brian Morrissey writes, "The change, expected to be implemented shortly, means advertisers will be able to create an iPhone ad group as part of their regular search campaign, according to agency executives briefed about the modification."

And while the term "personalized" won’t be quite right, ads targeted at iPhone users will certainly have a greater chance of being relevant.  A simple focus on calling and texting instead of clicking could go a long way.  Expect to see a lot of interest from advertisers (and more income for Google) as a result.

There is one potential problem with this idea: it ignores Android, Google’s pet in the mobile market.  But Google’s not a company given to ignoring potential sources of income.  Moreover, Google’s friendly with Apple, and known to play fair even when that attitude doesn’t work in its favor (consider how search results show Wikipedia well over Knol).

Although no one’s sure when Google will go through with this rumored change, don’t be surprised if the company does something on the 16th, lining up the announcement with the report on its third quarter financial results.