RealNetworks Targets Apple With New Promotion

    April 26, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The company’s new digital music subscription service will give away 25 songs per month.

As reported earlier today on WebProNews, RealNetworks has launched a digital music service, similar to that of Napster. New users of the Rhapsody service will be able to pick 25 songs out of a library of one million tunes.

By offering free downloads, RealNetworks seems to be targeting users of Apple’s iTunes service. But Apple holds a dominant position in the digital music space, and many of its users are iPod or iPod Shuffle owners. Those users tend to be very loyal to the Cupertino-based tech icon.

Of course, many who download music do so as file-swappers. Whether Rhapsody can offer those users enough of an enticement to use the new service remains to be seen.

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