Quaero Starting To Build Momentum

    April 18, 2008

Although the "there" in this case represents more of a starting line than any results, French search project Quaero is indeed "getting there."  Reports indicate it’s making new hires and planning an important spring meeting.

"[T]he different organizations and companies are building up their staff and preparing a big kick-off for the team at a meeting in mid-May," Pieter Van Der Linden, Quaero’s project leader, told Peter Sayer.

Then, unless something changes, they’ll continue their work for the next five years.

After the departure of some Germans and a long period of inactivity, Quaero seems to be getting its act together.  Just last month, roughly $158 million in state aid was approved (the weak dollar makes the amount look bigger every month), and this latest announcement makes it appear that some physically observable progress has finally happened.

Sayer had only one disappointing thing to say: "There are no plans yet to put the translation tools they are developing to use outside their own labs."