PubCon: Earning Big Bucks With Social Media Traffic

    November 11, 2008

The PubCon session "Earning Big Bucks with Social Media Traffic" focused on ways that social media outlets can be monetized.

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PubCon: Earning Big Bucks With Social Media Traffic

Vanessa Fox, Founder, Nine By Blue said to define your action goals for social media and to make sure that the action is very prominent and easy for the visitor to take action.

The whole point of social media is engagement and traffic alone is not enough. You have to look at not just page views, but your bounce rate. Measure each stage of your process to find your high bounce rates and failures where you need to make adjustments.

Michael Gray, President, Atlas Web Service, said when it comes to social media and brand aversion to not go to places where people don’t like you. Find sites and communities where your "people" are. It does not have to be Digg. There are social communities for almost every subject.

Alexander Barbara, CEO, ReidBrown Enterprises, Inc. said to find tangential concepts that tacitly relate to your subject but might have a broader appeal.

When trying to come up with witty relevant content for things like real estate for Digg, Gray said to use current events. For real estate look at popular people and write about the value of their property.

On microsites Fox said if you build a microsite to leave it as a microsite. Don’t use redirection, just use links. Look up what a microsite is if you don’t know. In a nutshell it’s a social media focused site that people sometimes 301 redirect to their domains.