Pioneer To Offer Accessories For iPod, Sirius

    January 5, 2005

Electronics giant Pioneer has announced their plans to offer accessories for Apple’s iPod and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Pioneer Logo

The iPod adapter will allow owners to connect their iPod to Pioneer car stereos. In order to complete the adaptation, the stereos will have to be equipped with the IP-Bus system, reports MacCentral. Once connected, using the Pioneer stereo display controls, users will be able to scroll through song listings and playlists. When connected, the adapter will also recharge iPod’s internal battery.

The Sirius accessory will allow Pioneer stereos to receive Sirius’ satellite broadcasts. Again, users will be able to scroll through channels and song information using the Pioneer display controls. Adapters for Sirius will be available this month and will retail for $120.

iPod adapters should be available in March with a suggested $140 price tag.

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