“Pimping” Your MySpace Page

    January 11, 2007

While the popularity of MySpace is no secret there is a site that has become popular by riding the coattails of the social networking giant. The design of users profiles has become an important part of the social networking scene.

SpaceGravy.com has become known as the site to visit when it comes to decorating ones page. The word that is actually being used to describe page design is "Pimping". This is no relation to the other kind of "pimping" that some of you maybe familiar with.

"When a MySpace user says ‘I pimped my MySpace page,’ what they’re really saying is that they’ve decorated their page with cool layouts, backgrounds, graphics and pictures," said Jennifer Lange, president and CEO of SpaceGravy.com. Lange goes on to say that pimping is just another way for users to express themselves and communicate their uniqueness.

There are other sites that do similar things. Skize.com, Bigoo.ws and FreeWebLayouts.net. For now though SpaceGravy is enjoying their moment in the sun.

"In the last two months alone, from November to December, traffic to SpaceGravy grew 291%," said Lange, "and with our Google Analytics tool, we can see the regions from where our visitors are coming. We’ve had visitors from as far away as Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, Spain, Brazil and Argentina. We’ve even had visitors from Yigo, Guam. The worldwide popularity of MySpace is truly mind boggling."

Lange credits the success of SpaceGravy to market research and the user friendliness of the site. "SpaceGravy features an easy-to-use interface, tasteful designs spearheaded by one of the leading graphic artists in the business, zero pop-up ads, and most importantly, detailed instructions to help new MySpace users learn how to pimp their pages like experienced MySpace users do."


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