Phony Blogs Give Blogging a Bad Name

    March 16, 2007

Stumbled across a blogger’s profile on Blogger. This blogger, called "Product Advocate," runs blogs on:



Speeding Tickets

Clown Makeup

… you get the picture. They’re really not blogs, they’re a few posts by SEO types on behalf of their clients but pretending to be "real" content, purporting to be about that particular industry, and then there are "links" that basically feature the client’s site. I honestly don’t know too many people who set up a whole blog just to enthuse about their traffic ticket paralegal firm. It’s hard to come across such people in real life, because there aren’t any.

And then SEO firms wonder why all the bad public image in the press? It’s hard to defend your profession if you’re willing to continue to do things that appall the search engine using public.