People Searches Surge Ahead

    May 22, 2007

On Google’s weekly Zeitgeist list, at least five of the top ten gaining queries are usually people’s names.  The concept of an “ego search” has pretty much spread throughout our society.  And companies like Pipl and Spock have based their entire reputation and business on “people search.”  Yes, people search is a big deal.

Search Engine Watch’s Eric Enge noted that search engine giant Google thinks so; it hosted a People Search SIG earlier this month.  And a factoid on the Search SIG page also supports the idea: “30% of all searches on Google or Yahoo! are for specific people or people related,” the group states.

But the spotlight turned to Wink, Spock, and ZoomInfo on the night of the session, as Michael Tanne, Jaideep Singh, and Bryan Burdick (the CEOs of those respective companies) took the stage.

Furthermore, “[Y]ou can see that many companies are doing quite well with their people search strategies,” writes Enge.  “Most people are also familiar with Classmates and its leading competitor Reunion,” he continues, and we mustn’t forget Pipl, which won a strong standing in the 2007 SEOmoz Web 2.0 Awards.

People search is growing segment of the search market; don’t expect the rate of its expansion to slow down anytime soon.