Opera Fixes Bloglines Bug

    February 17, 2006

Opera has done a minor release, going from 8.51 to 8.52. They fixed some minor security and performance issues, and one thing that was near and dear to me: Bloglines.

Bloglines is my single most used website, and an Opera bug prevented me from sorting Bloglines subscriptions in folders. When subscribing, I couldn’t select a folder, since Bloglines didn’t use a standard drop-down, but more of an active one. I had to jump into IE/Firefox every time I wanted to subscribe.

I’m so happy that I can finally subscribe in my favorite browser. I wonder how many more feeds I would have subscribed to if it hadn’t been a hassle. To celebrate, I’m going to go all crazy with my subscriptions. If you have a site I should be subscribed to (check the lower right sidebar to make sure I’m not already), post a link this weekend, and I’ll check it out.

No guarantee I’ll subscribe, but if its a good read, you’re on my reading list. If you follow this blog enough, you know that if you’re good at what you do, you’ll get good links, and my links are worth at least slightly more than the average bear. Please don’t post a link to a feed that wouldn’t make sense.

Also, if anyone links to feeds about radio, satellite radio and podcasting, do that, and I’ll almost definitely subscribe.

The rest of the Opera changes:


  • Replaced expired certificates from TrustCenter.
  • Solved status bar issue described in Secunia Advisory 17571.
  • Implemented stricter handling of the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).


  • Fixed problem with missing keypresses when switching between applications.
  • Fixed GDI leak issue with favicons causing slowdowns and crashes.
  • Fixed Gmail loading problem.

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