Obama’s Online Fundraising Impresses

By: Doug Caverly - February 8, 2008

For better or for worse, Ron Paul still doesn’t get much coverage in the mainstream media, and he hasn’t done extraordinarily well in the primaries, either.  But in other ways, the Internet has had a major influence on all the political hoo-ha, and Barack Obama’s fundraising is the latest example of this.Obama's Online Fundraising Impresses

Other candidates have done okay, too; Hillary Clinton, for example, raised $7.5 million in the first part of February, and in the tech world, that might be enough to buy as many as 25 failing video sites.  Obama seems to have hit upon a more successful formula, though, and has left everyone else far behind.

Patrick Healy and Jeff Zeleny report, "That unusually high figure was quickly overshadowed by Senator Barack Obama’s announcement that he had raised the same amount in 36 hours since the 22-state contest on Tuesday, in addition to the $32 million that he raised in January."

Which puts Obama on top (in terms of recent online fundraising) by a factor of five or so, if your humble author’s math is correct ($7.5 million over eight days compared to $7.5 million over one and a half). 

Obama apparently achieved this by reaching more donors, even if they happened to be less wealthy (and/or enthusiastic) ones.  And that’s possibly the power of the Internet in a nutshell, even things haven’t worked out so well for Paul.  Internet fundraising alone isn’t enough to crown a winner, however, so you can of course look forward to loads more political coverage in the future.

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  • Guest

    this news is certainly helpful in determining who people favor.

  • Carl

    I’ve got one thing to say: " Democrate Obama and his crew are the only one who can truly unleash the future as technology communities want it to be unchained!"

  • http://www.i-bargainshop.com Tali Bargains

    …….that he’s one fine internet marketer or knows how to recruit the best ones and probably knows more about socialnetworking than all the other candidates. I wonder how much his books made.

  • http://www.musicemissions.com Music Critic

     I think Obama would be good for the US. Go Obama! Here’s my $10.

  • Guest

    go obama


  • Guest

    Naruto shippuden 56 comes out this friday

  • http://www.crowdrise.com petercrowe

    Obama really made it happen by reaching maximum number of donors.