Negative Word of Mouth More Powerful…

    March 21, 2006

Are you still nonchalent when it comes to tracking negative consumer-generated media?

Do you think it doesn’t effect your company? A new study will likely change your mind.

According to the Customer Dissatisfaction Study, released today, more than 50% of American shoppers say a negative shopping experience of a friend or co-worker will prevent them from setting foot in a store altogether.

From the press release…

“This study is unlike anything we’ve seen before because it shows that for every 100 American shoppers, 64 people will be told about a store’s poor products or services and no matter what that store does to entice shoppers – sales, promotions, advertising, marketing – those people will not set foot in their store,” says Paula Courtney, President, The Verde Group.

On average, US shoppers tell four people about their negative experience, embellishing the story as they tell it.

Maybe you can’t prevent the casual conversation among friends over coffee, but you can sure use tools or a reputation monitoring service to track if the conversation moves online, to a larger audience.

Thanks to Cindy!

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