Need More Examples of Twitter’s Usefulness to Business?

Here are a Couple Scenarios

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A recent study from LinkedIn and Harris Interactive showed that only 8% of advertisers and consumers think Twitter is a "very effective" promotion tool. Still, it is the most linked to social network in email marketing campaigns.

WebProNews recently reported on that based on research from Email Data Source. In the comments to that article, someone asked, "Can anyone point me to some good (or not good) examples of Twitter links in emails?"

Another reader responded, "It is pretty simple actually, the links go to the profiles asking people to follow the sender…The main idea is to use Twitter as destination from any possible media: blogs, other social media, email and even stationary."

Another reader commented, "Once you have someone following you, you have a captured audience. The trick is then keeping them by posting Tweets that are relevant to your followers and help develop your brand and provide a mechanism to engage with your customer or prospective customers."

Twitter Drives the Sale For You

I like this story shared by Shéa Bennett at the Twittercism blog. He talks about seeking more information on a brand (Graze) via his Twitter friends, and how Twitter itself ultimately led to his purchase from that brand. And that is without any intervention at all from the brand itself.

Bennet says he remembered a friend talking about Graze, but couldn’t remember who. He figured he’d tap into his Twitter network and ask.

Sheamus tweets

"Graze hadn’t been involved at all in that process – although I’m sure if I’d approached them directly on Twitter we could have worked something out – but I was already pretty excited," says Bennett.

"The responses to my opening enquiry were overwhelming positive about Graze. You can’t buy this kind of PR – you do it simply by having a great product, and a great system," he says. "But what actually made the sale was Twitter itself. It put all the pieces together."

This is an example of how Twitter can help your brand whether you are actively participating in it or not. However, if you are actively participating, you will have a better handle on your brand’s reputation, and won’t have to rely on the general public to drive the sales to you. You can do some facilitating on your own.

Need More Examples of Twitter’s Usefulness to Business?
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  • http://InnovationFatigue.com Guest

    Twitter has been very valuable in helping me to form meaningful connections outside of Twitter with interesting people. It takes time and persistence, but if you give a lot, you can receive a lot. Be sure to learn from your followers as well as letting them learn from you.

    My challenge is staying focused. I’ve resolved to cut out some of the random content and be more targeted around what I think my followers are after. Wish me luck!

    – http://twitter.com/jefflindsay

  • http://twitterjobsearch.com bill

    We’re tracking about 6000 different organizations that are using Twitter for recruitment globally. Here’s a link to a map that shows recruitment offers posted to Twitter in the last 72 hours:



  • http://www.Tribal-Sports-Wear.net Blank T-Shirt Fan

    I have not even been to the twitter website. With all the hyp, maybe I should check into it.

    Wholesale T-Shirt & Blank Apparel Club

  • http://www.toysonwheelsvariety.com ToyMan

    It helps to have traffic as far as the search engines go. It would be even better if the content was accurate and the traffic that went to you sight actually bought. That brings us to the relevancy of information. If it is relevant than it should be what the customer is looking for and hopefully equal higher conversion rate.

  • http://naturalstonefactory.com nsf

    i will try twitter

  • http://www.homesolarpowersystems.org Home Solar Power Systems

    I have just started using twitter and I like it very much. It help me to connect with interesting people and websites which I never come across using search engines.

  • http://www.homesolarpowersystems.org Home Solar Power Systems

    I find most of the organizations are using twitter for global requirement. Working with twitter leads to meet several people. Also we do notice some website traffic coming from Twitter and expecting much traffic on twitter sites.

  • http://twitter.com/westcoastvinyl West Coast Vinyl

    Having a motivated buyer or interested consumer really helps Twitter in finding them, if they converse. Using twit search will be able to find whoever is talking about the brand.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency collection

    Twitter is ok, but often over rated. Yeah it generates traffic but as more people use twitter for nothing but sales the leads they generate are going to drop. We do not see 1/2 the amount of traffic as when people first were using it

    • http://www.south-africa-website-design.com Msi Mzantsi

      I’m happy to read a very balanced comment about Twitter!

      On the main, Twitter is over hyped as a business marketing tool – Twitter is really more of a personal communication tool than a business tool. As more businesses jump into the “let’s try Twitter” thing, the more old Twitter users are going to find Twitter not so cool!

      I even hear and read of people talking of promoting affiliate products using Twitter – that is going to be an even faster way to kill Twitter!

      I repeat – Twitter is more of a personal communication tool than a business marketing tool – Amen!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/theclickbankprofitsystemreview Clickbank Profit System

    Love to get interested visitors especially when it’s free. I’m giving Twitter a try.

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    When it comes to twitter, I believe it will be good for business clients to follow you. It can track your latest activity or progress. On the other hand for personal, it can be a good way to release your frustration.

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com Michelle Salater

    Even if Twitter doesn’t DIRECTLY sell your product / service, it can still work indirectly to do so. When you build relationships on Twitter, you’re building a reputation and an image. This reputation / image is then associated with the brand you represent. Building relationships with those in the Twitter community will at least allow you to gain online exposure and learn from the online community what is important to them and what isn’t. However you use Twitter it’s a win-win situation.

  • http://hypemuscle.com Canada Bodybuilding

    I think twitter is great tool, and there’s numerous angles on how you can work this.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency collection

    Twitter was great at first but I noticed that with all the people trying to advertise with it, its lost a lot of its use. Everything should be in moderation and many website owners have taken advantage of it.

  • http://www.nidelab.com website designer mumbai

    Twitter is planning to come up with new marketing tools for enterpreneurs and other businesses which are area specific and very exciting like sms tool integration …..

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