Nearly 70 Percent Of U.S. Households Play Video Games

Parents becoming more involved

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The number of American households that play computer or video games has risen to 68 percent, a three percent increase over 2008, according to the Entertainment Software Association, a group that represents U.S. computer and video game publishers.

"This is the new golden age of entertainment software. Our products are now being enjoyed by over two-thirds of Americans," said Michael D. Gallagher, CEO of the ESA.

Michael D. Gallagher
Michael D. Gallagher

"As the findings of the 2009 Essential Facts illustrate, more and more Americans across all demographics are now embracing the interactive entertainment experience that computer and video games provide."

The ESA found that forty-two percent of American homes have a video game console and adult gamers have been playing for 12 years on average, a decrease from 2008 that indicates more people are picking up video game controllers for the first time.

The average game player is 35 years old and forty-three percent of online game players are female.

More than three-quarters (77%) of parents believe that the parental controls available in all recent game consoles are useful and nearly half (45%) of all games sold are rated ‘E’ for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

In addition, the report found there is a high level of parental involvement in video game play. More than half (63%) of parents with children under 18 with a gaming console in the home believe games are a positive part of their children’s lives.


Nearly 70 Percent Of U.S. Households Play Video Games
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  • http://makemoneyeasyhome.blogspot.com/ itcoll

    Its a surprise to see that the average age of people playing games is 35.

  • http://squidoo.com/best-point-and-shoot-digital-camera best poing

    Yeah, video games Is good, if their use wisely, and not consume too much time :)

  • http://www.anti-aging.eglobalhomebiz.com Jimisan

    I think allowing children to play computer games is okay but not too excessively. There must be parental control as to how much time our children should be allowed to play. Otherwise it’ll be too addictive to them and I noted that it affected their academic performance as well.

  • http://www.image-share.eu Guest

    Its not a surprise that so much of the people plays that much. They should look for other gainful occupations.

  • http://mxproject.com Johnson

    I think as a lot of things like going to the movies, going out for dinner, vacations get more expensive. More people will play video games since for 60 bucks you can get 90+ hours of gameplay.

    I wonder did this study included flash games, and cell phone games. Most Cellphones come with a few games these days, and almost everyone has a newer cellphone that can play games.

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