MySpace, Say Anything But That

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There’s no need to get Tipper Gore involved or anything. No need to relive that old Twisted Sister mess. But neither MySpace, Fox, nor the band in question has returned requests for comment, and usually, if somebody doesn’t want to talk about it, then it probably should be talked about.

MySpace, Say Anything But That
MySpace, Say Anything But That

So, my future stepson’s fourteen. Big YouTube fan. Likes his music irreverent, edgy, antiestablishment. I think that’s healthy and normal. His mother’s taught him right. He calls me over to the computer and says, "Have you heard of ‘Say Anything?’"

And I’m like, "Duh!" John Cusack with that stupid boombox over his head. And he’s like, "What’s a boombox?"

He says, "No, old dude," (I’m 30), and he brings up a YouTube video that I’m not going to link to because I’m sure it will be DMCA’d as soon as I do. It’s a tribute video, not the studio production of the band Say Anything’s song "Little Girls," with the lyrics appearing in sync with the audio, a Web 2.0 version of the old red bouncing ball, of which he probably also knows nothing.

The lyrics go:

I kill, kill, kill little girls.
I kill, kill, kill little girls.
It’s such a thrill, thrill, thrill to the world
when I kill, kill, kill little girls. 

The video cycles through pictures of little girls at birthday parties and such.

As my stomach turns, he’s laughing his head off and looking at me like I should be laughing with him. If the teenagers in the comments section beneath the video were standing in the room with us, they’d all be lmaoing and wondering why I wasn’t too.

I’m not laughing because I’m at once disgusted and conflicted. I think of Columbine and Virginia Tech, of child predators, of all the sickos out there that these teenagers probably haven’t thought much about between Biology and English. They’re not having the visceral, sad, sickening feelings I am when I think of it – it’s just a bunch of nonsense to them. They don’t watch the news.

But I’m also a defender of the arts, of free speech, and I remember how unjust and crazy and un-American I thought it was that Dee Snider was yanked in front of Congress to talk about some stupid song lyrics that the kids seem to get but the adults were outraged by.

And here I am, with only a few white hairs parked amid my dark chocolate waves, just one foot into full-on adulthood and still breaking in a 401(k), thinking the world is about to end because of a rock band. I could stomach Ozzie, Marilyn Manson and Mudvayne, but not this?

To be fair, judging from other lyrics it does seem to be some sort of shock rock attack on prettiness – you know, all the glossy lipstick DUI insanity inflicted on us from the Lindsay Lohan absurdities out there.

Other Say Anything titles include "It’s a Metaphor, Fool" (okay, fine, you don’t really want to put sixteen bullets in my head) and "I Will Never Write An Obligatory Song About Being On The Road And Missing Someone" which is just hysterical. 

With over 238,000 friends, the band is quite popular on MySpace, which is why I bring it up here. That, and by sheer coincidence, the day after I first heard their song about killing little girls, MySpace announced their first concert tour.

Guess who was headlining.

Weird, huh?

I tried to contact the band to ask them to explain the lyrics to me, but they have not responded.

I wanted to ask MySpace how promoting a band that sings songs about killing little girls fits into their aggressive campaign against child predation on their website, but neither MySpace nor Fox Interactive Media returned requests for comment. 

MySpace, Say Anything But That
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    • anonymous

      was that english?

    • Nathan Marks

      I’m sorry, who let Miss South Caroline post on this site?

      Maybe you should worry about such as the Iraq & South Africa rather than a song written in 3rd-person against killing & raping little girls. Sounds a bit more worthwhile, don’t you think?

      Anyone in here bitching about Say Anything needs to go listen to the vast majority of rap & hip-hop music that’s been released the last decade, then follow it up with some Cannibal Corpse & some of those other lovely Death Metal bands.

      Then if you think Say Anything is still a terrible influence, don’t be surprised when everyone who’s not a moron-who-obviously-doesn’t-listen-to-enough-music-to-have-a-right-to-bitch-about-Say-Anything-of-all-band’s-lyrics calls you out for being a complete idiot.

  • http://blogsformoney.com Blogs for Money

    I don’t blame you for not including the link. Sounds pretty sick :/

    • You sound sick

      Fucking faggot piece of shit.

  • Jesse

    In defense of the genre, this bands lyrics/singer/song writer often writes songs from another persons point of view. “Little girls” happens to be one about, yes, some type of sick minded serial killer. They have another song (from the point of view of the singer’s grandparents) about how they met.. in a concentration camp.
    And hey, Myspace isn’t playing “Little Girls” on the band’s profile page. There are worse things you can find out there than this one song which you saw on youtube and was a fan-created video, not one released by the band themselves (they only have two different music videos). While yes, that song is on the borderline of imaginitive and evil, I personally don’t think it’s something to be mad at myspace or “say Anything” about.
    And this boy who showed you the video… hmm that’s not something most kids would be laughing about i don’t think… I’m 15 years old and i think thats sick.

    • ry-guy

      i have to agree with Jesse about the band writing songs that are from different points of view…although i think a chorus with lyrics like that is very strange and disturbing it seems all these nujack and poppy bands out these days have to do something different so they dont sound Exactly like the other bands on their myspace top 8. the video on youtube(which i searched for) came up with no results of the video of a slideshow with little girls, the band didnt make that video in the first place some perv or a weird fan who had time to find a bunch images of little girls did. somebody removed it, probably the band because they arent promoting killing girls lol they just know they can say anything…hey, isnt that their name?

      • Matthew

        I’m sorry but I can’t agree with you about this song being overtly twisted or not suitable for myspace. I am a college student with a very musical background. I have played with many bands in Say Anything’s genre and I actually have a friend who was very close to the boys in Say Anything. As a result, I have spent a small amount of time with a few of them. They are certainly not sickos. The singer of the group has a history of drug addiction and bipolar disorder however, so some of their lyrics may not be easily relateable to everyone that hears them. I don’t think that the lyricists unstable history even applies to this song though. While the chorus does go as you have stated, after the chorus there are lyrics such as ” Don’t you come near me. Don’t you come close to me.” and “Im a psycho, woah.” I dont think that saying that someone who kills little girls is a psycho who should be avoided is in any way glorifying the killer. Also, as someone else said, Max is not always singing as Max. There are plenty of songs by Say Anything and various other artists written from other people’s point of view. Of course, not being the man himself I cannot say for sure if that is the case in this song. Regardless of the point of view though, this song is not at all glorifying the hideous behavior described in the chorus. I agree with whoever said that the 15 year old laughing at this video is the problem here, not the lyrics themselves. There is no point in this song that implies that killing little girls is something funny or light hearted. It is also unfair of you to assume that there is a world of teenagers out there laughing at this song. That is simply an argument you cannot support. As far as Ry- Guy’s comment, I think its rediculous of you to accuse Say Anything of being a run of the mill band who “have to do something different so they dont sound Exactly like the other bands on their myspace top 8″. Say Anything is an extremely talented group of musicans fronted by a great song writer. If they are so simple and run of the mill why are they headlining the myspace tour while you are sitting at the computer commenting on an article about them? If you are a musician yourself, I suggest you give them a better listen and if you are not a musician, you are not even close to being in a place to judge their musical ability. Please feel free to reply.

    • shawn

      no, little girls is about you annoying little girls at shows and how people like me hate you, alive with the glory of love isnt about his grandparents, yes its based on world war two, but its a fictional love story, i appreciate you trying to defend max, but dont make shit up. thanks

      • http://msn.com Tyler

        Say Anything is my favorite band, I am some what of a scholar on anything relative to them. For the record, Alive With the Glory of Love IS about his grandparents and how they met in a concetration camp. And it is beautiful, it represents finding love in even the hardest of circumstances. And the song “Little Girls”… which for some reason has stirred up this ridiculous controversy, was recorded and put on an album that was made into an AIDS promo. So if you really want to complain about something that was created for a good purpose such as… then the world is even more politically correct then I fear.

        Keep writing Max! You kill, kill, kill little girls!

    • Kyle

      the song is not about a serial killer. the song is about the music industry.

  • http://www.myspacebirthdaycomments.blogspot.com Michael Ringwood

    Nice article. I have subscribed to webpro few weeks ago and I regularly read ur site.

    Thank You


  • http://www.allhopedeleted.com twikki

    I’m not trying to be funny

    but, it’s a metaphor fool!

    basically saying He Doesn’t want to become another trend for teeny bopping girls, and he’s saying that’s is definitely not what he wants to become.

    I love say anything….

  • Jessica V

    You have totally looked wayyy to into the song. I know this band personally and i can tell you, you took the song way to literally. Im not trying to defend or speak on behalf of them by any means, im just stating my opinion. But the song isnt about actually killing little girls .. if you listen to the entire song and know what the whole cd is about, you would understand. But no, just like every other middle age parent, you jump on the chance to try and put them down for the song, its not like Say anything made that video, some dumb kid did. You have no right to say if they should be promoted by Myspace or not ….. be more open minded and learn more about the band before jumping to conclusions.


  • Hey

    You’re protesting Say Anything while there are countless other rap groups promoting drug use, prostitution, and murder. Thumbs up.

  • Charlie

    Hey old man, it’s a song. Max Bemis writes songs. As a lyricist he often writes songs from the perspectives of others. Also, the video you speak of is not sanctioned by the band. Zing.

  • Charlie

    Also, why would Say Anything contact you? They’re a pretty big band. Max Bemis started life with a role in Raising Arizona. They’re busy. You write for some website I’d have never heard of if not for digg.

  • Joe

    Little Girls is from the ep ‘…was a real boy’ and was originally goiing to be but on a cd to raise money/awareness for AIDs charities but lack of interest meant it was scrapped. The whole ep is about teenage sexual awakening. The song can be easyily interpreted as being about AIDs and STDs. If you actually listen to the lyrics there is also the line ‘Don’t you come near me, little girls’ so CLEARLY the guy who’s perspective the lyrics are listened to has some kind of STD and is not about a serial killer. The fact that you assume te song is about murdering children shows how morbid you are and has very little or no reflection on Max Bemis and the rest of Say Anything.

    • Kyle

      I’m pretty sure “Little Girls” is not about STDs. Max stated at a show that it was regarding the treatment of bands by Major Labels.

  • laura cox

    Isn’t it a little worn out to protest musicians for their content?

    Say Anything is a college-indie rock band. Upon listening to the whole CD one would realize .. huh … this band is tongue in cheek through and through.

    But I’m sure housewives don’t have the time for such tom-foollery.

  • tyler

    Did you have a slow news week? I mean we got global warming, Iowan caucuses coming up, and a war in Iraq, and this is what you took your time to report on. Or did someone take your O.J. Simpson beat, so you got stuck with the “small pop rock band lyrics debate” topic?

    Half the trouble you are creating is now drawing people’s attention to something they most likely would have never had listened to in the first place. Moreover, you pick a band, who is quite possibly the most harmless band on Earth. The have a song entitled “Alive With the Glory of Love” for pete’s sake. I mean if you want to worry about lyrics, have you ever heard of SLAYER?

    If you are really concerned about the future of children, why not analyze the ethical implications of actions and lifestyles promoted by Hollywood starlets such as Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. Instead you pick on a band who has never even sold close to 500,000 records, writes amazing music, and *gasp*, wrote a song with controversial lyrics.

    Please. Johnny Cash did this years ago, but did people really think he shot a man and was in Folsom Prison? I guess some things will never change though. There will always be younger people writing music, that scares older people like yourself. And you know what, that’s probably a good thing, because that in itself is the definition of rock n roll.

    So Mr. Miller I understand where you are coming from, the idea that children might be exposed to a lyrical message of killing girls, whether it is literal or not (which I assure you is not), is probably not the best thing. But why is Fox’s or Myspace’s responsibility to make sure your child doesn’t listen to it. If you don’t want your child being exposed to “the dangers of the internet”, turn off the computer and go throw a football with him. Congratulations on encouraging me to waste my time writing this response, so in a way, I award you that journalistic merit. But seriously, I think we got bigger fish to fry in America than rock n roll lyrics, thats sooooooo 1985.

  • Keith


    I’m also a 30 year old father, and a huge Say Anything fan. I understand your concerns but being familiar with that song plus the rest of the band’s catalog, I can tell you that it’s not meant to be taken literally. I always assumed it was about being idolized as a rock star by teen girls. I think the YouTube video shows it in a way that makes it seem more sinister than it was meant.

  • Kirsti

    First of all if you knew ANYTHING, you know that the song is tounge in cheek and has nothing to do with actually killing little girls. The song is about a guy in a band who is sick of underage girls pestering him to have realtionships with them. You obviously dont know how to interperit music. You got upset over absolutly NOTHING.

    Try thinking before you post this shit.

  • Josh

    The lyrics are figurative. It means breaking hearts of girls. Wow.

  • brett

    considering that this album came out in 2004, there is no reason why this should be deemed inapporiate. this band has established themselves and have been doing the same exact thing for over the past 5 years. it is a parady. get over it(and yourselves). just because a 14 year old gets a hold of a youtube video (which is questionable that you would allow a child to surf the internet is another topic of discussion…), doesn’t mean that they want to start the next columbine. start parenting properly and don’t put down an artist for doing what they do best, BEING AN ARTIST AND EXPRESSING THEMSELVES.

  • Malcolm

    Wow this guy doesn’t even realize the significance of Say Anything, the fact that Max writes songs about real life everyday things including bipolar depression and dealing with the music scene. Say Anything has been able to relate to kids today more than most bands could. Max was and still is an insanely genius artist and can write about anything, even about things that may not have been supposed to be taken literally. Listen to more songs and learn more about them before you put this band down OLD MAN. Or since you can stomach Ozzy and Marilyn Manson( Cause they have so many lyrics that help kids get through issues-which some songs do, and some don’t), go listen to Get Your Gunn, Suicide is Painless, or In for the Kill

  • M Stager

    If you think this is a problem, you should look up the lyrics to a Cannibal Corpse song.

    Say Anything may have one grossly inappropriate song, but in the grand scheme of terrible songs about terrible topics, they’re dryer fluff.

    If you’re going to speak out, go all the way.

  • chris

    it’s not literal you jackass.

  • Dan Pickens

    If you anything about the music out today, then you would know that there is much worse out there. Say anything happen to be my favorite band, and Max’s lyrics deal with angst and issues with relationships and stuff like that. This particular song is kind of graphic but it is about a relationship and his anger towards getting screwed over, and feeling socially awkward.

    You want to attack bands for lyrics? How about most mainstream rappers out today that promote using woman on a daily basis? How about Death metal bands that have lyrics about having relations with deceased children? How about hardcore bands that talk about killing there girlfriends, or beating up people for no good reason?

    Say anything is one of the few quality bands left in todays Indie music scene. Yes, the lyrics may offend, but it is free speech, and if you dont want to listen to it, no one is putting a gun to your head.

    I would be more worried about my son listening to Rap or Extreme form of metal telling him to use woman, kill people, do drugs etc. Not that I dont like all forms of music, I am a fan of rap and metal, but i was using it as an example that there is much worse out there than Say Anything.

    “Proud of my life and the things that I have done
    Proud of myself and the loner I

    • Jason Lee Miller

      I’m really wondering if anybody actually read the above month-old article.

      I didn’t really attack. In fact, I brought up all of your objections in my concerns. Free speech, artistic expression, metaphors…I tried to contact the band to ask them. I wanted to understand it.

      I expressed concern. That’s all I did. That’s all I’m guilty of, right? I didn’t say shut them up. I didn’t say don’t publish them or promote them. I questioned MySpace’s choice given their aggressive stance on child predation.

      But it was only a question, and they didn’t respond to it.

      Say Anything, in my book, can say anything they want, and so can I. I’m allowed to see lyrics like that and take a moment to pause, right? I’m allowed to look at my stepson and wonder…is this something he should be listening to? Aren’t I?

      When I was his age I was listening to NWA and Public Enemy and Dre…the worst stuff I could find that I wasn’t supposed to be listening to.

      Judging from the response, I think many had a gut-reaction and didn’t really take the time to digest what I was saying and went on the offensive, ready to lynch me for saying anything to Say Anything.

      Jeez, guess I’m sorry.

      No…I’m not sorry. I’m sorry there can’t be a civil discussion where we respect each other and speak as adults about what might be serious issues that affect our youth…I’m only guilty of what every parent is guilty of: worry.

      But I never, not ever, went on the attack of a band. Quite the opposite, I stuck up for their rights. I relayed a personal experience, and I guess I paid for it dearly once it got dugg or something…not sure where the vitriol was coming from suddenly…but it sure was spewing forth.

      Good luck to you (I think).

      • Dan

        I think the concern is right for your son, depending on his age. If you’re thirty, I can only assume the boy is roughly 10 years old at the oldest. Now if my son was listening to that, I would be worried also. But not because of the music, but because my son probably hasn’t learned about imagery, metaphor, or anything like that yet.

        The music is fine and you know it. If you want to criticize a song about the content of murders, killing, and whatever else in a time where we experience too much of it, then look into the outwardly violent lyrics of today’s rap music.

        But, your son was listening to Say Anything, so I guess rap music wouldn’t be relevant. But neither is your argument. The song is a metaphor, which you’ve already acknowledged, so why bring up Columbine or Virginia Tech? They aren’t even close to relevant here. Yes, people are murdered in this world and it is a terrible thing. But if metaphors like this are going to start causing us to throw our arms up in disgust, then we’re in a hell of a lot of trouble in this country.

        I think you need to have a conversation with your son about representation in music and lyrics, and maybe not go off and write a blog about how the lyrics make you think of murder despite the meaning you know they really hold.

        It doesn’t make any sense at all. You brought up a subject that has nothing to do with the song. You want to talk about shock value? That’s you sir. You’re bringing up national tragedies that have nothing to do with this song in order to get people to read this column. If Say Anything are guilty of implimenting shock value, then you’re on death row for it sir.

        And yes, just like the song, I’m using death as a metaphor. Don’t go writing a blog about me now.

      • Caroline J.

        You are worried your son will get corrupted by Say Anything? He must live in a bubble.

      • jessica V

        Very well actually because its natural to read something through carefully when you feel like something you care about is being accused of something totally wrong. I think you need to realize the kids who made the You Tube video are the ones at fault.

        You might not think you went and attacked the band, but you wrote the article, its an attack on something you really didnt have any knowledge about.

        I know this band very personally and im upset by a lot of the statements you made. You tried contacting them .. do you know how busy “they” are .. and “the band” actually doesnt all live in one apartment and sit around waiting for emails to pour in, do you know how many emails they get a day? they are a big band that has more to think about than an attack on a song that does not actually mean to kill little girls, and maybe if you cant understand the type of music, dont listen to it.

        be upset with the idiots who made the video, who took the song as literal as you.

        and if you really want to know more about why max made this song, look it up …. read his blogs and the biography of the cd, ESPECIALLY before writing a public article.

        myspace knows what they are doing, i highly doubt they are going to take your advice about this .. or else they wouldnt be as successful as they are, same goes for say anything

  • Sherrie

    The internet is a soapbox for dimwitted fools like yourself. Metaphor, hyperbole, symbolism. Please look into them.

  • Your dad

    Be careful what you write about you have stirred up the hornets. Say anything=Awesome. You=Not. Go listen to the album and get a real job.

  • Manuel

    Why attack the band? Attack the fan who made the insulting video. Say Anything have worked for their success and your article demeans them. Please look at the bigger picture, then we’ll talk.

    P.S. Your Tipper Gore allusions do not make you clever.

  • Malcolm

    Obviously you must be making some kind of objection to both the band and Myspace seeing as how YOU QUESTION how Myspace can promote a band like this that sings about killing little girls. You even put down the kids who commented on the video saying they don’t listen to the news so therefore they can’t feel the same as you when watching the video. They are laughing because most of them know the band and their style. They unlike you, can take songs for either the objective meanings in them, or just the plain madness of a song being just a song for fun. You are taking it too literally. Max doesnt literally kill little girls, maybe he was writing about how he doesn’t enjoy being hounded by a bunch of lil girl fans like Nsync or the Backstreet Boys. You say you can deal with Ozzie and Marilyn, yet you make no point against any of their songs or the labels that put out their cds that have songs like Get your Gunn, or Suicide is Painless. You wrote this piece as an objective article and not pro Say Anything. You don’t knw anything about this band nor their fans but yet you question the morality of the kids who commented on the video.

  • Dan

    Let me say I’m a big Say Anything fan. 20 years old might I add. This should play of some importance seeing as a person 10 years younger than you can point out the obvious.

    You claimed you watched the video, well whatever the video had in it had nothing to do with Say Anything, just the song. Did you listen to the lyrics beyond that? Or did you just hear him singing about killing little girls.

    Let me ask you, have you ever heard of a metaphor? Thats what it is! OH NO! He’s not talking about actually MURDERING a little girl, he’s talking about being a heart breaker. Crazy isn’t it!? Plan backfired! Nobody will respond to you because you’ll turn whatever their response is to make you seem like you’re 100% correct when you’re actually 100% wrong.

    Good day

    • Jason Lee Miller

      interesting rebuttal

      I mentioned metaphors in the above article. And yes, I never said I believed he was speaking literally…sometimes teenagers have trouble with literal versus figurative though. But I don’t.

  • Glory

    Stop. Take a breath. Calm down.

    Listen to the entire CD, do some real research, and then make your judgements. And please, the lyrics to “Little Girls” are not supposed to be taken literally. Most things must be looked at past the surface.

    But you wouldn’t know that.
    It’s a metaphor, fool.

    • Jason Lee Miller


      I’m pretty calm. Are you telling yourself to calm down or the lynch mob above?

      I mentioned the "It’s a metaphor, fool" song in the above article as well.

      and even though I just hate to quote myself:

      To be fair, judging from other lyrics it does seem to be some sort of shock rock attack on prettiness – you know, all the glossy lipstick DUI insanity inflicted on us from the Lindsay Lohan absurdities out there.

      Other Say Anything titles include "It’s a Metaphor, Fool" (okay, fine, you don’t really want to put sixteen bullets in my head) and "I Will Never Write An Obligatory Song About Being On The Road And Missing Someone" which is just hysterical. 


  • Malcolm

    And of course you have nothing to say to what I had written. You mentioned that this wasn’t an objection to the band yet :

    Obviously you must be making some kind of objection to both the band and Myspace seeing as how you question how Myspace can promote a band like this that sings about killing little girls. You even put down the kids who commented on the video. They are laughing because most of them know the band and their style. They unlike you, can take songs for either the objective meanings in them, or just the plain madness of a song being just a song for fun. You are taking it too literally. Max doesnt literally kill little girls, maybe he was writing about how he doesn’t enjoy being hounded by a bunch of lil girl fans like Nsync or the Backstreet Boys. You say you can deal with Ozzie and Marilyn, yet you make no point against any of their songs or the labels that put out their cds that have songs like

  • brandon

    …that this is just a change in vantage points? Call it tongue-in-cheek if you want, its more or less just an exacerbated viewpoint of some of the thoughts driven by the manic highs such an outlandish/adventurous lifestyle can drive one to (Max Bemis is in fact medicated for manic-depression with slight schizophrenia; had a nervy b when recording SA’s last full length).

    Dude, its catharsis. He feels crazy and brutal honesty is the only way he knows how to release it and thereby let it lose its control of him. Let the thoughts out and they dont control you anymore. IF you want him to not kill people, the answer is to let him sing about killing people.

  • gary

    the lazy ass blogger who wrote this article is officially the most retarded person i know

  • Alex Miller

    Wow you are the biggest faggot. say anything is a great band. no person is going to listen to that song and kill girls. fuck off.

    • So Hot Right Now

      This is the problem with the internet…any old idiot can write an article that gets exposure. Ignorant people should not be writing uneducated, unsuported, and rediculous little rants about things they have no understanding of.
      If you really wanna be a journalist big man, then let me introduce you to something you obviously overlooked…


      I ended up here by following a link from a reputable music news webpage. Now I just wasted ten minutes of my time on this horrible website that no one has ever heard of…complaining about some idiot who wouldnt know art if it shit on his face.

      Get a life bro.
      Open your ears.
      …and think before you start bashing an artist that youve never even heard of.
      You have single handedly ruined a very meaningful song for a lot of people who will now never bother to understand the positive message. Thanks.

      go crawl back under your rock now.


  • Amanda

    Ok, first of all, you’re taking that song out of context from the whole album “Is A Real Boy…Was A Real Boy”. That album is a bit of a concept album and the theme revolves around childish/juvenile behavior. Check out “yellow cat” and “wow I can be sexual too” to further establish my point. That particular song, with the lyrics in question should more or less be taken as a metaphor. More like he’s killing them with his eyes and voicing in a song what he thinks about girls that are extremely fake. This attitude towards these kinds of girls seems to stem from a personal encounter with a girl like this.

    Also, your snide comment about being reminded of the VA Tech massacre. You know what, screw you dude. This album came out LOOONNNGGG before those events, and you shouldn’t be drawing a connection between those two very different and completely UNRELATED things. Music doesn’t make people kill other people. I was going to say “kids” instead of people…but that’s something people seem to have forgotten when talking about that tragedy. He was not a child. He was an adult and plotted out those murders.

    It’s also very crude of you to think that those who listen to this band or song for that matter don’t pay attention to the news. That’s an absolutely absurd thing to say! You say you are a defender of the arts, yet you seem to be doing the exact thing those who really are, stand for…we’re against labels and stereotypes. Good job. Thanks for turning 30 and losing that principal.

    As far as contacting the band to ask them questions about their lyrics. Who the hell are you? Some random dude looking to ask questions that don’t need to be asked because the answers are right there in the lyrics. You even stated that yourself. Get off your high horse and find something better to do with your time.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theclassiccrime Matt MacDonald

    I think so. If you knew anything about this band you’d realize the hilarity of the song. Your ignorance alone makes your stomach turn. The song is a B-side too… a throw away song, obviously not too inspired, and just the hilarious rantings of a creative singer who admits and accepts his bi-polar disorder. Knowledge of their music will tackle this issue for you… research. The more you blast it, the more kids will be magnetized to it. It wasnt meant to be a publicity stunt, but people like you will soon make it one. Your comments are all too typical in light of the recent trend of people’s rights being walked on.
    Art is art… its not a self-help book. Get over it.

  • Stephanie

    it’s obviously a joke/metaphor. relax. art is about metaphors/ self expression. and say anything didn’t make that video. the video + the song may seem sick, but the song itself isn’t so don’t go blaming the band or myspace.. Little Girls is not on their myspace page, nor was it a single, nor did they make a video for it.

    instead of trying to deprive kids from Say Anything’s genius, try educating your own son about the difference between metaphor and reality, if you’re really that concerned.

    if your stupid kid is on the internet enough to be a regular myspace and youtube user, believe me.. he’s seen worse than “I kill little girls.”

    max bemis of say anything isn’t killing little girls.. and myspace wasn’t established to influence a bunch of brainless preteens. people are free to use and abuse myspace however they please.

    This is the internet, this is music, this is pop culture, deal with it.

    If you want to keep your son from seeing say anything on the myspace tour, fine. if you want to block your son’s use of myspace, fine.

    but i want to see say anything on the myspace tour when they come to my city.

    so perhaps you and your son should go listen to some nice music without metaphors- like gangsta rap about fucking bitches and stealing things and gang murders.

    maybe then say anything won’t look so bad, and neither will myspace.

  • aj

    i find this article rather shallow and pedantic. you write this as if they write all there songs like this. but i do belive that they have a song called “alive with the glory of love”. hmm now if someone told me a song title like that id figure it was a church song. so a band even you labeled as “antiestablishment” has a song saying i kill little girls. does that mean max bemis (lead singer) kills little girls? of course not thats rediculos does it mean he supports killing little girls? once again of course not. you yourself say they have a song tittled its a metaphor fool. so why would you take the song little girls so seriously.

    hell oj is on trial again

    get some better meterial for christ sake.

  • JT

    1.Remove stick from ass.
    2.Research before you write.
    3.Parental Controls are real.
    4.:”I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but Say Anything ain’t one…”

  • Candice Elise

    In response to the comments you’ve received, you expressed concern over the idea that we cannot all “speak as adults about what might be serious issues that affect our youth.” Despite your supposed hang up about “serious issues” that apparently plague our youth, earlier you offered that you could “stomach Ozzie, Marilyn Manson and Mudvayne, but not [Say Anything].”

    It strikes me as inherently ridiculous that one might take offense to lyrics that draw upon metaphor to rebuke the legions of teen girls who populate the live shows of burgeoning bands like Say Anything as opposed to expressing concern over the highly questionable lyrics of the bands and musical artists you claim to “stomach” just fine.

    So I guess you can stomach Mudvayne’s “Death Blooms”: “Resistance, futile. Suicidal ideas. I will crucify my own being, satisfy selfish needs. Fuck the deities, justify my own right to what’s waiting for me.”

    Suicidal ideals? Inflicting medieval torture methods on one’s being? Championing the cause of selfishness in the face of ethical or moral standards? I guess juvenile misconduct is not an issue for you, though more than half of all child cases of conduct disorder develop into full blown antisocial personality disorder… the psychopath’s default personality.

    Or how about Marilyn Manson’s “Irresponsible Hate Anthem”: “Let’s just kill everyone and let your god sort them out… I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers.”

    Irresponsible, indeed. I guess you uphold Manson’s lyrics of mass homicide. Apparently you support his notion of not being born with enough metaphorical “fuck you”s to society.

    There is something fundamentally inconsistent in your argument. Whereas mildly imaginative lyrics suggesting what you call the behavior of a child predator is not okay in your “opinion,” misanthropic lyrics that sound as if they were written by suicidal psychopaths is acceptable? AND YES, MAYBE ALL THESE LYRICS ARE METAPHORICAL, but according to you, that doesn’t matter. Because if you’re offended, then no matter what the band or artist intended, their material is still offensive, and they should be marketed as such…. am I right? That is, after all, what you are saying here.

    Instead of appearing like a concerned parent, the slightest bit of fact checking proves that you are either A) an aging member of society fearsome of new musical developments that you cannot comprehend, and are thus embittered by it, B) a child predator engaging in the Freudian defense mechanism “reaction formation” to mask your own depraved desires, or C) an idiot.

    • Dan

      You just owned this man. Congratulations on your domination of him.

  • Randy

    Mr Miller,

    I respect your right to question Say Anything’s lyrics but I do take issue with your claim you requested a comment from the band and were ignored.

    I manage the band and run their website and I have not recived one e mail or phone call from you asking for a comment.

    Both Max and I are more than happy to answer your questions but you need to contact us to ask them . Don’t asume that we have something to hide or dont want to addresses your questions.

    Randy J Nichols

    Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

  • Randy Nichols

    This is Say anything’s manager again, I think I forgot to post my e mail in my last message.

    if you want to reach me I can be found at randy08@aol.com or the #s in my e mail footer

    • chester

      OWNED.nuff said.

  • brandon

    it’s called SARCASM dumbass!

  • http://www.myspace.com/like_a_regular_tourist matthew

    Say Anything’s album …Is/Was a Real Boy is a concept disc about a bipolar rock star struggling with the concept of fame in the industry. Had you researched the history of the band, you would have found that vocalist Max Bemis uses sarcasm and satire in every line he sings.

    In the end of Bemis’ story, his character ultimately realizes the error of his ways and seeks to reform himself, thus proving that Bemis has not actually killed any little girls.

  • Andrew Ross

    I’m not a child, out of my teens & a Say Anything fan. Could you possibly explain why this band & this song have been selected for your frighteningly conservative & dramatic, over scrutiny?

    There are many thousands of songs with lyrics as bad as & worse than these. Quite obviously, Max Bemis (who wrote the song, i thought i’d share that as you have clearly looked into nothing on this subject) Is NOT promoting or advocating the murder of little girls. Have you ever heard of black comedy? A way of looking at something serious & unpleasant without waving your hands in the air & screaming about all the wrongs in the world you cannot change anyway? It’s not always appropriate, to everyones taste & sometimes, yes, if you choose to react in such a way, it can be offensive.

    The song is essentially looking at what goes on inside some sick individuals minds & putting it down in words. It’s not the end of the world, it won’t result in an increase in murder rates of children & as a band with young fans who are a lot more involved with their fans than many bands, they would be concerned to know some people took a simple piece of music so seriously.

    I honestly cannot believe the opinions you have expressed serve any other purpose than to bring to the attention of a certain section of society, something that they are sure to react in disgust to. You’re obviously an educated person, read back what wrote & ask yourself if it really needed to be stated as if a band were bringing about the end of modern civilization! & Furthermore, LISTEN to a lot more modern music lying outside the mainstream or just on the edges of it & when you find far, far worse songs, either subject the band in questions fans to a similar rant intended to indoctrinate the easily offended & ignorant or realize that, perhaps, you may have slightly over reacted…

  • http://www.thecrashstudio.com Elliot

    Hahahahahah This is so dumb. Who ever you are that wrote this blog should get a life. You know nothing about art or sex that you couldnt read in any trendy, new york, underground fashion magazine. ;) to the people that know what i mean.


  • Ceron

    if you took the time to listen to the rest of Max Bemis + co.’s work you’d realize that his work is dark and very human. The emotions and empty feelings portrayed in almost every single one of his songs manage to touch or relate to almost anyone at a given point or another. However, when such emotions are lightened up by a minimal catchy tune with “offensive” lyrics, then the band gets bashed. As far as I’m concerned, Max and the rest of say anything haven’t ever killed anyone and its only obvious the world doesn’t see little girls getting hurt as a thrill. Is it mildly offensive? i guess you could say so but that’s no reason to question Say Anything’s capability to represent myspace’s first tour and nevertheless, the thoughts of millions of teenagers and/or adults etc around the globe. Then again, this is just me and my thoughts.

  • Tom

    You’re an idiot.

  • barrett

    After reading all the comments to this story, I have to say that 80 percent are enraged fans who are just pissed at what the author says in his article. First these people are comitting the same injustice they accuse the author of. that is, responding without delving deeper into the context of it. I agree that the song is a metaphor and indeed has nothing to do with child predatation. Jason Miller is a Web Journalist, the only reason people even got to this article, for the most part, was because of a web search for Say Anything.

    The fact that Miller has a self-awareness of the similarity of his article to the controversy in the 80’s that sparked the whole explicit content in music debate, I see this article as being misguided humor or he has an understanding of the riot he is going to start. It seems like at an attempt to get people to read his work. He is sited as being a technology and business expert, I don’t see a article on song lyrics as falling into that category, but editors do what they want.

    The fact that the RIAA requires the Parental Advisory on the Albums of artist’s music that contains explicit conflict, of which Say Anything’s album has, means that the content should not be brought to question as a consumer is made known of content before purchase.

    The fact that someone is going to bash an industry when the person at fault is in fact himself. YouTube is a user ran site and should not be the free roaming domain of a ten year old boy. But i digress, the authors parenting skills are not the topic at hand, the poorly written article is.

    Miller tries to justify his article comparing the lyrics to bands and artists that have been controversial to bring a comparable effect. However, this is to no avail as the mentioned artists work belittles the controversy in the “kill kill kill little girls” lyric. “Little girls” has not recieved radio play.

    A proper comparison would be with the lyrics of, I don’t know, a popular 70’s tune by Jethro Tull, which has gotten extensive radio play for the last 30 years:

    “Sitting on a park bench
    eyeing little girls with bad intent.
    Snot running down his nose
    greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.
    Drying in the cold sun
    Watching as the frilly panties run.
    Feeling like a dead duck
    spitting out pieces of his broken luck. ”
    -from “Aqualung”-Jethro Tull

    …Oh, wait I think this song really IS about child predators. I guess my point has been lost as well.

    Mr. Miller, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” – Voltaire

    I am all for voicing your opinion as I have exercised mine as well. I support musical expression and believe the artists should be able to do so free of censorship. The ideas of Musicians are always being put under scrutiny where other forms of media are not. I think the Explicit content that a 10 year old can access on basic cable television is more of a concern, again I digress.

    If you are going to voice an opinion, which, by all means you should go ahead and do. but if you are going to be unfairly subjective and then support your claims poorly, expect to be attacked. you’re intent may have been good but your point moot; by your own doing I might add. If this were an entry on a moderated message board, this article would be considered Trolling and your post locked.

    I guess that means I’ve fed the troll.

  • Amanda

    Wow, I think you just didn’t have anything else to write about. Cause I find it pretty funny that you can stomach Marilyn Manson, but you’re offended by Say Anything. Get a grip.

    It’s kind of annoying how people blame teenagers for everything they don’t understand. It’s not our fault that you’re completely out of touch with everything that isn’t completely corrupted.

    Sorry that your stepson watches messed-up videos and doesn’t know what a boombox is, but don’t blame the song and the band and all the fans (who, by the way, are not all teenagers either).

  • Rasha

    Here’s a professional opinion:
    SayAnything is a harmless band. These lyrics don’t mean anything. And there’s WAY much worse stuff out there. Go ask your son. And it’s not just in rock.
    I, for one, don’t believe any band should be censored at all, but they are. And when they’re given the least bit of lienancy, they get smashed from parents who irrationally overreact. I personally manage tons of rock bands, I work for a major record label, I own a rock website, and I know the rock scene inside and out.

    Besides, in a very plain and simple statement: If you don’t like the music your kids are listening to, than step up, be a parent, do your job and don’t let them listen to it.
    And if the SMALL chance your kid goes out there and does something that was in a song, don’t blame the song, or else that’s just shifting the blame from bad parenting.

    Stop being naive. Music is what’s kept so many teenagers alive. I’ve seen it thousands of times over.

    Thank you,

    Rasha @ UltimateRockGods.com

  • mitch

    heLLO …i’ not gonna be an adult about this..i’m sick of hearing about music being related to all this bullshit….sorry but thats what it is…it’s not music that makes this shit happen…it’s the people themselves that commit these senseless acts… its the parents fault for neglecting the kids or the fact that they live ina broken home cuz their mom was to immature when she got knocked up. no one takes anything else into consideration..like a kid was abused arly inTheir child hood or how they were mistreated by others after this shit happens they all say, “oh, little jimmy was suc a nice boy, we dont know how this could have happened it must have been that metal music he listened too.” ya ok. why don’t adults take blame ever?
    it’s not the music that messes these kids up, if anything it makes them feel something that no one selse can give them, it makes them feel alive because someone els eis out there singing about how messed up the world is or how angry they are..

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