MySpace Begins Marketing MySpaceIM

    July 31, 2006

Back in May, MySpaceIM finally launched after much anticipation. But it really hasn’t caught on – I downloaded it then and to this point, virtually no one I know is using it.

Well, it looks like MySpace is ready to change that. MySpaceIM is now prominently being advertised on the home page of the site.

One of the ideas I presented in my original analysis was in relation to AIM Pages versus MySpaceIM. My thought was that the end game saw MySpace being in a better position than AOL – it’s easier to import buddies into a new app (MySpaceIM) than to create a whole other profile (AIM Pages).

Just to clarify, I don’t see MySpaceIM replacing AIM for those who are already AIM users. It’s too easy to run both applications together and AIM users are very loyal. MySpaceIM just puts MySpace in a better position for potential users who do not use either service at this point. The network effects for MySpace are simply too compelling for new users to pass up (now serving 97 million MySpacers). MySpaceIM is only going to strengthen the MySpace Effect.


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