My Yahoo 6th Most Popular RSS Reader

    July 6, 2005

Feedburner’s CTO, Eric Lunt, pulls some stats and shows that Bloglines is the number one RSS reader in terms of subscribers to feeds, while My Yahoo is in sixth place, very strong in a crowded market.

This at Datamation, which lists the top 10 as such:

  • Bloglines 19.49%
  • NetNewsWire 10.07%
  • iTunes 9.53%
  • Firefox Live Bookmarks 7.25%
  • iPodder 7.17%
  • My Yahoo 6.68%
  • FeedDemon 4.23%
  • NewsGator Online 3.83%
  • Reader not identified 3.07%
  • Pluck 2.07%
  • Surprisingly, Outlook-based Newsgator is 16th with 1.27% of the market. I thought it was more popular. Of course, combining Newsgator, Online and Outlook, with their recently purchased FeedDemon, gives Newsgator 9.33% of the market, a nice fourth place, third among “real” aggregators (iTunes is not an aggregator, but a podcatcher).

    Also, I find it interesting that iTunes has such a large percentage, considering these numbers were recorded on June 29, one freakin’ day after iTunes added podcast support, a level of growth that is spectacular.

    (via Dan Gillmor)

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