My Minimum AdWords Bids Jumped to $10 per Click

    February 23, 2007

Dear Kalena…

First – I have been a constant visitor to your blog and thanks for all the useful insights you share. Coming to my issue – we do PPC advertisements on Google. Our campaigns have been running fine for 2-3 years. Suddenly last week Google dropped 2 of our important keywords saying the ‘quality’ is not good and we have to increase our minimum bids to $10 per click to get it back.

I do not understand this – nothing much has changed – our CTR is almost the same as in past – we bid enough to be in top 2-3, our daily budget is not expiring. And our ads compare well with our competitiors (atleast thats what we think) and we have good conversion rate from people who come. Although CTR (~1%) is low – but that is expected from such a generic keyword. Can you shed some light on this issue and help us? By the way – I created a new campaign by deleting the old one, with same keywords and ad text – and that is working fine.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Kalena’s Answer:

Dear Martin

Thanks for the blog backslap! Re your AdWords issue – relax, it’s a bug. As reported by Search Engine Land, the Google AdWords Quality Score had a major bug last week that saw ad prices spike for ads that were previously performing well.

Apparently it was an unexpected side-effect of Google’s improvements to their Quality Score Algorithm. Improvements have been completed this week and so I’m assuming the bug has been resolved. Advertisers can now switch on their Quality Score Column to see which ads are performing better than others as rated by Google. More info on the changes at Inside AdWords.


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