Mozilla Can Walk Away From Google’s Cash

    October 25, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Mozilla Foundation has tucked away enough money that they can do without Google’s immense influx of revenue, courtesy of Google’s default search position in the Firefox browser.

Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker released detail of the organization’s financials on her blog recently. The numbers look really good, especially against Mozilla’s relatively minimal expenses.

Despite the millions of search and ad revenue dollars coming from Google’s pockets, Baker told ComputerWorld Mozilla could back away from the deal willingly, if it were to jeopardize their community.

“We’ve spent a lot of time and energy making sure that Google understands that it cannot turn us into an arm of Google,” Baker said in the report.

“There are other ways to make money from a browser,” she continued. “We could have a more diverse revenue stream. The key is to find business models, or I should say revenue models, that help get things done. Search is a great example, but it’s not the only example.”

If Baker can find a suitable replacement revenue stream for Google, she should pursue it. That would alleviate the extra time and energy Mozilla spends on keeping Google at arm’s length.

$61.5 million would take some skillful effort to replace. If Baker could pull that off for Mozilla, she should receive every Executive of the Year award that exists.