More Men Find Happiness Online

Women favor family time

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Men find they are happiest when they are surfing the Web and women are happiest spending time with their families, according to a new Australian study on what makes people happy.

The "Happiness Index" study, polled more than 8,500 Australians between the ages of 18-64 and found that rest and relaxation were the most pleasing activities, while physical exercise was the least likely to make people happy.

"Australians are made happy on a week-to-week basis, not by possessions and achievements, but by entertaining experiences and by meaningful interactions with others," said Karen Phillips, managing director of The Leading Edge, the business consultancy that conducted the survey over a week in August.

"This index gives insight into the way we tick, with the results being useful to Australian businesses who want to better communicate with their customers," said Phillips.

More than half (63%) of men and women said relaxation is what made them happiest but that is where the similarities between the genders ended.

Slightly over half of men said happiness was surfing the Internet, playing online games or visiting social networking sites such as Facebook, compared to just 39 percent of women.

Over half (55%) of women said eating meals and spending time with their family made them happiest, compared to 45 percent of men. Women were also more likely to be made happy by their pets.

Just under half (48%) of men said having sex made them happy while 40 percent of women said the same. Thirty-eight percent of men, and just 28 percent of women, said drinking with friends made them happy.


More Men Find Happiness Online
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  • Guest

    Something fishy here.  In surfer’s paradise and outdoor sports nirvana, half the men preferred hiding indoors surfing the net and playing video games like a bunch of teenage dorks with no friends?  huh?  No sports, hanging with their buds, watching a footie or rugby match, going for a bike ride, swimming in the ocean, checking out hot girls (or guys) on the beach? 

    Where in the world did they find these losers, at a Mac developer’s conference?  This makes no sense.  I smell a big rat, like maybe some PR types pushing social networking sites commissioned a bogus survey to confirm that oooh! absolutely everyone thinks surfing the net 16 hours a day is just soooo cool. 

    I’d really like to know more about their population sample but here’s my guess; they called everyone at home on a nice sunny day when all the normal people were OUTSIDE (you know, the reality that isn’t on the telly) so the only survey subjects were all the pasty skinned layabout slacker vampires who spend their days surfing porn and playing Quake while their Moms tell them to turn down the music and get off the dole.

    Maybe I’m just out of touch but on nice days the beach is packed with people socializing face to face so there must be a heck of a lot of people who never come out of their homes.  Hey, I bet they’ll have another survey that says all the really superfit pro athletes don’t train outdoors anymore but on a Wii!      

  • james

    I would also like to know who they seurveyed and if a more recent survey might note differences. It would seem even in the couple years since this article, men would now be more bored with surfing the net as it has become almost a required duty for a lot of jobs. I would venture to guess women’s interest in surfing might actually be on the increase do to the ease of online shopping.
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