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    March 23, 2007

Dear Kalena…

That is not what it was supposed to be -a link farm. It is 6 years of hard link-exchange work. All I know was – that link exchange helps to get attention from the search engines and that was why I started this. I could have done nicer things with my time than sitting night over night to exchange links. After 2 years other websites started asking me to exchange.

For almost a year I would say I haven’t answer those requests anymore because I don’t know where to put them. But when you say it became a NO NO …what should I do with my link partners. I also think it is a NO NO to get into a link exchange and throw them out just for the change of a search engine rule. Wasn’t it you who said you don’t care much about the ever-changing ranking rules of Google ??!!

So what am I supposed to do ….delete all the link pages?! I guess Google did see the point too – my website is a very honest and labour intense result of years of work with tons of interesting content, not only to tourists but also to local people from our community and area. I introduced the power of internet presents to our community and networked like a crazy person. As volunteer by the way!

Maybe that is what Google can detect too, aren’t they supposed to see the overall quality instead of some mistakes I might have made? And YES my website is for humans and actually only for humans – that is why I used all those keywords to take it to the people I want to see all our websites.

All comments are highly appreciated.


Kalena’s Answer:

Dear Shirley

If you are proud of the time and effort you’ve put into collecting the links, then make it a legitimate part of your site! Don’t hide it behind meaningless anchor text at the bottom of your pages as though you are ashamed of it.

If the links are all viable and high quality, best thing to do is to create a multiple page travel directory and call it such. There’s nothing wrong with a directory of related links in your site, as long as you make it an obvious part of your site structure and navigation. Link to it from your regular navigation menu rather than trying to hide the links at the bottom of the page and use logical anchor text rather than "Link one, link two etc". The way you have it set up just reeks of dodgy link farm, even if that wasn’t your intention.

Get rid of that tiny keyword stuffed text at the top and bottom of your page – that isn’t helping you at all. If the keywords are important, then integrate them logically into your body text.