Moonlighting Idea: Be a Photo Guide

    August 25, 2002

Consider yourself a better than average hobby photographer? Know a bit about how cameras work? If you the difference between aperture and shutter speed, then photo field trips may be you key to part-time profits.

Here’s what you do … Bring your camera and visit local spots that are interesting to area visitors. Use your imagination, think like a tourist, and you’ll think of several potential destinations in your area. Spend a few areas experimenting to find the best shots.

Now, simply bring the area visitors to the locations and show them how to use their own cameras — for $20-$30 each. Conveniently, you will also have an ample supply of new film available for sale.

Most travellers bring cameras with them, but don’t know where to find the best shots in your area. If you take them to the best location(s), and teach them how to use their cameras to capture the perfect picture, they’ll be very happy.

You can use your own (or a rented) van, or arrange a deal with a local tour operator. If you keep the costs reasonable you will have plenty of business.

Advertise locally in hotels, motels, and camera shops. You might even let them know you can arrange group rates.

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