Monarch Pleased With Google Custom Search

    December 7, 2007

This development won’t give Google the right to brag about “service fit for a king”; Google has, however, impressed Monarch Airlines with its Custom Search Business Edition.

We actually first mentioned the Google-Monarch connection last month, so this isn’t an it-just-happened announcement.  But companies are always optimistic when they first partner, and now that Monarch has had time to do some testing, the airline has announced the results.

“The introduction of the Google search engine has reduced inbound email by an extra 30% since launch at the start of November,” Monarch stated.  “Customers emailing are provided with relevant results to their question before they submit their query, enabling them to answer their own questions without having to contact the airline.”

Pretty impressive, eh?  Especially once you start to wonder whether there were some people who, in the past, failed to find answers or contact the airline, and simply looked up another way to travel.

Monarch Airlines may be unfamiliar to most Americans, but it is, by the way, no small potato.  Wikipedia dubs Monarch “one of the United Kingdom’s largest charter airlines.”