MineTech Works To Eliminate Random Queries

    April 1, 2004

International data solutions and marketing company MineTech announced today the launch of a new search engine that eliminates users having to query endless streams of batched data delivered by popular keyword-based search engines like Google.

Called Search Incite, MineTech’s engine uses a content search that reads and understands how words are used in a sentence.

Kenn Devane, president and CEO of MineTech, Inc, said, “everyone is frustrated by the endless and random results generated by Google-type searches, which often pull up material that is irrelevant for users we’ve developed a simple solution that greatly improves most search functions.”

Search Incite uses three methods to index pages. First it uses a 50,000-word library of linguistic elements to read and filter all data delivered by the search, based on terminology, phraseology, grammar and other filters.

Then Search Incite applies a pattern matching technique to assign a priority to the search results, based on the concentration of the data being searched.

Finally, it displays the search results in an index, by subject. Users simply select the subject they are interested in and information relating to that subject is automatically highlighted within the document, web page or email.

Search Incite works with structured or unstructured data, as well as all languages. Languages are supported by simply translating the library, meaning Search Incite can read the document in its original language and convert it to another.

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