Microsoft To Put Important Datacenter In Ireland

    November 6, 2007

When Microsoft announced its desire to spend $500 million on a datacenter in Chicago, fellow WebProNews writer David Utter referred to that sum as “Monopoly money” in Microsoft’s eyes.  And now there’s word that Microsoft will plunk down another hotel – er, datacenter – in Ireland.


At $500 million, the price of this second datacenter will be identical to the first.  Otherwise, it may not give too much of a boost to the local economy; Shawn Pogatchnik reports, “Microsoft Ireland’s managing director, Joe Macri, said the data center would employ an additional 15 to 20 people, reflecting the high level of automation involved, while subcontracts would employ five to six times as many people.”

Still, this development will confer certain bragging rights upon the Grange Castle Business Park and all of Ireland; despite recent appearances, it’s not every day that Microsoft opens a new datacenter, and the one in Ireland will actually be the company’s first outside the U.S.  The datacenter will also have the distinction of dealing with Windows Live services for all of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 


So why was Ireland chosen?  The country’s beautiful scenery, fantastic climate, and tasty beer are enough to tempt me, but its low taxes were probably what swayed Microsoft.

In any event, construction on Microsoft’s $500 datacenter is due to be complete by the middle of 2009.