Microsoft Talks Up Services Strategy

    October 30, 2005

I’m watching Ray Ozzie on stage in San Francisco. All Microsoft employees can watch it live. I LOVE our intranet (Microsoft’s).

Dave Winer is blogging.
So is Dan Farber of ZDNet.
So is Michael Arrington of TechCrunch.
So is Todd Bishop of Seattle PI.
Michael Gartenberg gave his analysis.

They are showing off Windows Live. New URL is . Dave says it doesn’t work on Firefox, but it seems to be working here. and are two other sites that were demoed. Sean Alexander has a brief note about those.

Reader Comments

Wow!!! Windows Live is a do-it-yourself portal builder with a search engine.

I’m totally blown away by the orginality of this concept. Pure genius. To whom to I give my credit card number and password to my bank accounts and all my meager investment accounts?

Way to go Microsoft.

Comment by mike young

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