Microsoft Gets Ready to Talk Photography

    July 6, 2008
    Chris Crum

Microsoft is hosting Pro Photo Summit 2008 this week, a two-day event that "brings together renowned professional photographers and industry leaders" in Redmond.

According to Microsoft’s page for the Summit, said industry leaders will be discussing the biggest issues that are affecting the photography industry.

Keynote presentations will come from Microsoft CTO David Vaskevitch and nature photographer Frans Lanting.

Is there more behind this summit than just discussing photography issues? Robert Scoble thinks so.

"I’ll be watching this week to see what’s really behind Microsoft’s moves into photography," writes Scoble. "Is it to do something really remarkable (which Photosynth and Deep Zoom are)? Or is it to switch designers from Adobe stuff?"

Microsoft’s agenda remains to be seen, but there is likely to be some interesting discussion come from the summit either way, if this highlight video from last year is any indication.

Scoble says he and Zoomr CEO Thomas Hawk will both be in attendance, so I look forward to seeing their reflections on the summit once it has concluded. Microsoft will also have a new video highlighting it up here.