Microsoft Blogger Scoble Has Fans In Siberia

    March 24, 2005

Wharton’s Managing Technology: Blogs, Everyone? Weblogs Are Here to Stay, but Where Are They Headed…

“Scoble is so credible as a Microsoft blogger that he is viewed as the voice of the company across the globe. When Ted Demopoulos, principal of Demopoulos Associates, an information technology consulting company, was traveling in Russia recently, he stopped in Surgut, Siberia, where he was surprised to find Scoble fans. “I’m out in the middle of nowhere and they ask me about Scoble,” says Demopoulos. “To them, Scoble is the voice of Microsoft.”

From Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

I’m waving to my friends in Russia! That’s really an honor.

Thanks to Peter Dawson for sending that to me.

By the way, I play a small part in that article, which is one of the better ones on the topic of corporate blogging.

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