Marry Our Daughter Just A Hoax

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The raconteur behind the Marry Our Daughter website has come clean, after traveling the country and battling with radio hosts and their frothing listeners.

“Marry Our Daughter is an introduction service assisting those following the Biblical tradition of arranging marriages for their Daughters,” reads the opening of the About Us page on MarryOurDaughter.com. The site has inspired plenty of outrage from those who have heard about it.

John Ordover sounds like he got a kick out of pranking so many people. He confessed that the site is a hoax to the New York Times’ Bits Blog:

Contacted through MarryOurDaughter this morning, Mr. Ordover quickly conceded the page was a parody aimed at drawing attention to inconsistencies in state marriage laws. States consider it a crime for adults to have sex with minors, but they allow kids as young as 12 to get married with parental and sometime judicial permission.

Ordover had planned to conduct more radio interviews this week, before revealing the site as a hoax. However, the move by the Times to find out more about Marry Our Daughter likely put an end to those, unless radio hosts really want to debate the topic of arranged marriages.

Marry Our Daughter Just A Hoax
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  • Amanda Mendenhall

    I want to say thanks for writing about this story. Just like a lot of people, I heard about the story on the radio. It infuriated me. I happen to be on the newspaper at my high school and this encouraged me to write about it. I started on my story then i found out it was a hoax. But now i realize that there is a problem with it anyways. How it is illegal for people over the age of 18 to sleep with a minor, but a with parent concent, a 13 yearold can be married to a person older than 18?!?! This is such a crazy story, and I love it! Thank you,

    Amanda Mendenhall

  • R. Menzoa

    Adding the money issue may have upped the profile, but it also made the prank useless as a social commentary.

    It’s already a federal felony to arrange or facilitate commercialized sex with anyone under 18. It doesn’t matter if the victims are willing participants or if they marry their purchasers, not even their parents/guardians can turn sex with a minor into commercial transaction.

    It’s true in every state and all US territories (even Puerto Rice, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam).

  • Rachella

    This seems to be more of a parody than a hoax.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/comment/reply/40537 Dan

    Well, there goes my plans for the weekend…

  • Michelle Travis

    Hoax/parody/whatever notwithstanding, I was so shocked by what I heard on the radio that I was ready to reach through the speakers and throttle him. When I told my husband about it over dinner, HE was upset and he hadn’t even heard the broadcast (it appears one of the stations Mr. Ordover called was 93.3 KDDB in Phoenix, which I listen to on my way to work).

    I’m glad to hear it was a hoax, but even so, there has to be a better way to make the public more aware of this sort of social injustice.

  • Mike

    Can’t believe people actually thought that this site was the real thing!! How dumb can you be??

  • jojo

    this story is sick..wth is wrong with ppl ?!?!!?

    • Will

      So then you think it’s perfectly fine for 50 year olds to marry 13 year olds?

  • Drogba

    Wat ontzettend KUT dat het niet waar is zeg!

    Ik was natuurlijk GRAAG getrouwd met zo’n losgeslagen goddeloze amerikaanse trut. Bah verdomme, heb ik net 234846.0000 bananen overgemaakt, alles kwijt. stink. hoeren! Kaaslades, kut verdomme zeg.

    Klote amerikanen, stelletje leugenaars met je kutpresident!!!

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  • Will

    @By R. Menzoa

    I know this is old, but….

    This topic is about marriage. Nothing is mentioned at all about child prostitution.

    Nor is there even a requirement that adults over the age of majority should marry children. Children could also be arranged to marry other children.

    This is legal in 48 of the US states. And most places in the world.

    And it is a good moral/legal debate.

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