Mapping Uncharted Territory with Google Map Maker

    December 11, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google has announced the launch of Google Map Maker in 43 new countries and territories. You can find a complete list of 164 countries you can use Map Maker with here.

Google provided a short example video of how users have used Map Maker to transform a map of Islambad, Pakistan:

"We recently took a walk down the memory lane, looking at all the maps users have contributed; one road, one place, and one neighborhood at a time," says a post on the Google Lat Long Blog. "But when looked at on the world canvas that we are all contributing to, the result is inspiring. Two of our engineers decided to share this excitement with you via this sketch which shows all the roads in Map Maker in one view (use image attached to this email). Notice that we have focused Map Maker on areas with the most pressing information needs, and this shows."

I have admittedly been pretty unfamiliar with this tool until now, so I have to assume that some other people are too. Google is kind enough to supply an informative diagram with accompanying explanation on how to use different features of Map Maker here.

Google Map Maker Steps

If only cartographers had this technology as the World was being explored long ago. They offer plenty more details about how to use Map Maker than what is pictured above, so if you have any interest in using it, you can learn all about the ins and outs from here.