Listible.com Is Irrelistible

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For the Type A Capricorn, making a list is what fooling around under the bleachers is to Type Z Sagittarius-ecstasy of the highest unadulterated order. On the Top 10 List of Great Things About Lists, is that old order out chaos idea, deplored by the impetuous Sag, but loved by the users of Listible.com-the listiest Web 2.0 site on the Net.

Kronos says, “It’s about time.”

Listible.com invites the community to submit lists of all kinds. These lists can be created, tagged, added to, searched, and voted on (line-item veto style). Tags provide categories, voting provides relevancy, and listing brings the two together so “you can search what you need quick.”

On the front page users may find lists of online video sharing sites, the best all-time rock albums, a list of online lists, and even a list of things to do before you post a list on Listible.com (perhaps created by somebody who likes to make a list of lists to make today and things to do before you wake you up).

For those of you web-junkie list-lovers not willing to screw around, there are more targeted and serious lists of useful things like:

Online Tools, Generators, Checkers (145 resources)

Complete List of Web 2.0 Products and Services (201 resources)

Best Firefox Extensions for Power Users (111 resources)

Beer (60 resources)

Somebody help them with the beer list, it seems a bit Light.

This list concept has a lot of potential for folks that want to get in, get their information and get out. It’s very Type A, but it can benefit the more laid back out there, too, who’d like to cut down their meandering.

There’s still no grocery list on there, maybe some thoughtful listophiliac will help a listless brother out.

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Listible.com Is Irrelistible
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  • http://www.rumblepup.com rumblepup

    Listible is dead, long live listible.  For lack of a better term, the developers of listible have completely abandoned their fantastic application.  There are no moderators, so no one is watching the shop.  What has happened?  It’s a massive indian seo, porn, and realestate spam site.  That’s all. 

    What a shame. 

  • http://www.google.com/notebook/public/13925590165897262561/BDSIKQgoQmsLrpJsj Maria

    It was taking me hours to fix this! I luvv you!

  • http://listpod.net JoeCoder

    You might try listpod.net, I created it after seeing listible be abandonned. It supports photos, google map integration for location tagging, anyone can to any list, and importantly–a bury option for spam.

  • http://golfswing-analyze.com/ Golfswing Analyze

    All links are directed to lifehack.org now :(

    • http://wplayout.com free wordpress themes

      for me, i am getting 404 page not found error. Is there any other site similar to listible?


  • http://vanbest.ru/ Alexander

    Unfortunately, a similar site in listible.kom not met

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