Lexmark Releases Free Printing Toolbar

    August 29, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Ever try to print a webpage and end up printing a mess of links, graphics, and tables you don’t need? Printer manufacturer Lexmark has released a free toolbar allowing users to simplify the process of printing from the Web without carrying all that Web junk from screen to paper.

The company says the new toolbar will help save expensive ink. It’s available for recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, for Windows versions after Windows 2000.

The toolbar allows users to print a portion of a webpage they have highlighted directly, text or images. Users can schedule automatic printing of webpages and tell the toolbar to print in black ink or text-only.

The neatest part of the toolbar, though, is that it removes all the links and junk you don’t want printed, saving ink, time, paper, and frustration.

This a nice move from Lexmark from marketing perspective. The company has been plagued by flagging sales recently; the offshoot of IBM’s old printing division, Lexmark enjoyed a decade of positive financial quarters.

Rivals like HP and Canon have outshined it lately, though. The toolbar creates an opportunity for the company to revitalize its brand by making the brand more ubiquitous on the Net while providing a positive experience for customers.