Letting Amazon & eBay Work for You

    April 2, 2007

Selling your stuff on either of those networks might be a good way to leverage their domain related trust to rank in the search results, but you can also use both of them to research what is worth selling or writing about, even if you do not sell on their networks. Since their research data is conversion oriented, in many verticals it is worth more than keywords from other sources.

eBay offers a Marketplace research service that costs $2 to $25 a month.

Amazon shows which products are the best for last year, current top selling products, movers and shakers, and hot new releases.

In addition to giving away this free conversion information, Amazon lets you see what customers think of the product via review, allows you to bid on keywords related to products via ClickRiver. If you sell your stuff on Amazon.com, you can buy a better together listing with a popular product.

If you are in the info-product market Clickbank’s Marketplace is a goldmine.

Once you find interesting products you can refine your keyword research using general keyword tools, then further refine that data by using a tool like KeyCompete to see what keywords competitors are bidding on.