Kiptronic Bridges Sponsor-Podcaster Gap

    October 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Kiptronic CEO Jonathan Cobb has a history of balancing on the next big wave in audio. Cobb was one of the first to move radio to the Internet in 1996, only to create a geographically distributed real-time Internet radio station in 2000. And now there’s Kiptronic, a podcast sponsorship company you’re going to hear a lot more about.

Just in time for the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, Kiptronic teamed up with Akamai Technologies, employing Akamai’s global EdgePlatform to accelerate its audio and distribution power.

That means better targeting and wider reach for podcasters and vloggers under Kiptronic’s wing. The primary model for Kiptronic is to connect the progenitors of this new medium with sponsors and advertisers. The terms are between them, Kiptronic just helps make the connection.

We are going to hear more about companies like Kiptronic as niche marketing becomes more and more important on the Web. It’s not “bladdercasting,” as the detractors of mass media like to call it. It’s finding select audiences the means and will to buy things that are relevant to them – even if that means the audience is smaller. It was that small percentage you were targeting through search engine marketing anyway, right?

“Entrepreneurs and enterprises alike should view podcasting as a simple and efficient way to gather and distribute tacit knowledge,” said Dana Gardner, principal analyst of Interarbor Solutions and producer of BriefingsDirect podcasts,” one which can also provide a platform for highly targeted advertising. I expect podcasting — and the services that support it — to grow at three times the annual pace of Internet advertising in general through 2008.”

“As podcasting migrates from hobby to new business model, podcasts will become an efficient and cost effective way to monetize existing content and communicate broadly to key audiences. When advertisers are involved, a reliable podcast download is even more critical,” said Brad Rinklin, vice president of marketing at Akamai.


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