Intel: Dual-Core, Hyper-Threaded Server Inside Early

    August 16, 2005

Chip-making monstrosity Intel announced their monster’s getting a little bigger with the early deliver of their Xeon and Xeon MP processors. The new units will contain dual-core and hyper-threading technology will ship in 2005.

The Xeon MP, codenamed Paxville for servers with four or more processors later in 2005. They claim the Paxville will give a 60% performance increase over previous gens and will use E8500 chipset, which was released as a dual core earlier this year.

For dual processor servers, Intel will haul out the Xeon processor, codenamed Paxville DP. DP will give a 50% improvement over previous gens and uses the E7520 chipset.

“As they did with dual-core PC processors earlier this year, Intel engineers have executed exquisitely, and because of that we’ll bring our dual-core Intel Xeon processor platforms to the marketplace well ahead of schedule,” said Kirk Skaugen, general manager of Intel’s Server Platforms Group.

Intel said they have 17 other multi-core projects under development and expects more than 85% of its server volume exiting 2006 to be multi core processors.

One of the big reasons for this early release is competition from AMD in the 4-way server market. AMD has seen a fair amount of success in that area and Intel is feeling the heat.

Also, Intel needs all the good press they can get as they’re currently embroiled in monopoly investigations by the U.S. and European governments. Japan has already ruled the Intel broke rules regarding fair trade.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.