IncrediMail Regains Google’s Favor

    January 21, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

AdSense and search advertising have been reinstated for IncrediMail by Google, which suspended those services for the web-based email company last week.

Negotiations between the two companies bore fruit after Google unceremoniously dumped IncrediMail from its accounts last week.

IncrediMail announced they have regained their account. "We are pleased to be able to resolve this set-back so quickly and in such a positive way," Yaron Adler, IncrediMail’s CEO, said in a statement.

The recovery won’t be enough to save IncrediMail’s first quarter earnings. Those financials will see a "negative impact" when the company announces results.

When news of IncrediMail’s banishment from AdSense first became known, shares of the company fell in trading. An analyst cited in MSN Money suggested Google may have had some concerns about IncrediMail’s opt-in policies.

"Google and IncrediMail are now co-operating with the goal of resolving any remaining compliance issues, if any," IncrediMail also said in its statement.