Increase Expected In 2008 Marketing Budgets

    December 20, 2007

A friend recently told me about a loud, attention-catching commercial for a company’s going-out-of-business sale.  Only the friend had never before heard of the company.  Now, as the economy continues to look questionable, many places are preparing to increase their 2008 marketing budgets.

Maybe it’s the right move, and maybe it isn’t.  In any event, BtoB reports, "The survey of 213 b-to-b marketers . . . .  found that 60.1% of marketers plan to increase their overall marketing budgets next year; 29.6% plan to keep budgets flat; and 10.3% plan budget decreases."

Marketers do, at least, seem to be adapting to the times, as the article later continues, "The biggest budget increases will be seen in online marketing, with 79.1% of marketers planning to boost their online budgets next year."

Or maybe, instead of adapting, they’re just grasping at Google-colored straws.  Still, as a recent study of four major newspapers revealed, online properties can do pretty well regardless of things like subscription fees.

So prepare yourself for a lot of new Web ads.  And with any luck, they won’t be of the going-out-of-business variety.