In 3 Years Spam Will Decrease To More

    November 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

This year, you’ll get about 4,351 spam messages, and by 2010, aggressive spam filtering technology from email providers will have that down to about 4,403.

Your math is right; that is more. But according to experts, it’s a good kind of more, if you’re stretching to remain positive about spam.

After all, that is 4,403 more spam messages than you’d like to have.

But if you deal in numbers and stats, that projected extra 50 or so represents a leveling out, or potentially a decline in the number of spam messages sent. Wired, after talking with Google and Jupiter Research, suggests that could mean spammers are getting discouraged.

Spam fighters take a lot of the credit, as do law enforcement in many countries, but I think also as people get savvier to spam, the less effective it is at drawing customers.

 In 3 Years Spam Will Decrease To More

But if Gmail would like drop that number (or increase it by fewer), they might come up with a way to notice that all my messages are in English, and if the filter can’t differentiate between Roman letter-based languages, then at least, with all the sophistication they say they have, maybe they could find a way to block messages in Russian, Greek, or Chinese.

Much appreciated.