ICANN Delays Shuttering Of Spam Registrar

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced it will delay shutting down EstDomains, an Internet registrar accused of having ties with spammers.

ICANN Delays Shuttering Of Spam Registrar

ICANN sent a letter to EstDomains saying it would pull the company’s accreditation on November 12 and transfer the 281,000 domains under its management to another registrar.

ICANN has the authority to revoke a registrar’s accreditation if an executive of the company has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor related to financial activities.

EstDomain’s president, Vladimir Tsastsin, was convicted of credit card fraud, money laundering and document forgery in an Estonian court on February 6, according to ICANN.

EstDomains is arguing that Tsastsin resigned as president in June and that his conviction is on appeal with Estonia’s Supreme Court.

CEO Konstantin Poltev wrote in a letter to ICANN stating that EstDomains was not required to notify the organization about its executive changes. EstDomains is trying to keep its accreditation and included a document that showed Tsastin’s resignation in June.

ICANN said it is taking more time to assess the merits of the claims and has stayed the termination process.

"ICANN will take all reasonable measures to protect the interests of registrants during the stay period and the subsequent termination process that may follow," ICANN officials said.

ICANN Delays Shuttering Of Spam Registrar
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  • Darren

     I own and run an ISP which also sells website hosting and domain names. My business takes "spamming" very seriously.


    I have, on several occasions, had to deal with reported spammers of domain names, and also scam websites. These people are only warned once, and if it happens again, my business would take their domain/website away from them.

    • http://www.winnersrun.com Brian Osborne

      I am gladened to hear that someone out there has what it takes to deal with these vermin. Unfortunately, those with the authority  to crack down on them  put it in the ‘too hard’ basket and abrogate their responsibilities to deal with them.

      I have made my share of complaints to Icann following a spammer that was faking truckloads of e-mails as coming from my main website.  How do I know this?  The idiot was sending them to my other domains every day and even to me at that website plus i was getting heaps of abuse from others who received them. After wasting weeks tracking this creep and forwarding the info to Icann as a formal complaint the result was zero.  The complaints were also made to every government agency I could find that was supposed to investigate internet spam and fraud and guess what,  I got no respone from any of them . Incidentently his ISP did not bother to respond to several complaints.

      Sadly, dont’t hold your breath waiting for action from the "authorities" unless of cours the vermin chooses to turn himself in


  • Guest

    If ICANN was worth 2 cents, spamming wouldn’t be at the record heights it is today. How many unsuspecting elderly people and intenet newbies have been ripped off and had their identies and banking information stolen because of the blatant and constant Phishing and Scamming that ICANN has simply turned their heads  to over the years. I have never heard of ICANN doing anything worth while except collect their paychecks and flap their lips about how they are the regulatory agency.

    Well, if they’re this big tough regulatory agency, then REGULATE Dammit!!!!
    Try contacting them with the Raw Source View info from a recent Phishing scam you get from Bank of America and see how much response you get. NOTHING, all they do is talk big.

    ICANN needs to start doing something about these 3 world Ragheads, and that’s where most of this crap comes from, and act responsibly for a change. They’re as useless as tits on a bull.

    ICANN needs to get off the ‘ass’ and get to work, then we may have less Phishing and Scamming, instead of ICANN whining that that is not in ‘Their Department’. BULL!!!! 

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