IBM Sale To Lenovo Scares U.S.

    January 27, 2005

Republicans in the U.S. Senate want a full investigation of the security implications of IBM sale of its PC business to China’s Lenovo.

Apparently, Democrats are not interested in reviewing security implications.

Via Cnet: In a letter sent on Tuesday to Treasury Secretary John Snow, three high-ranking members of the House of Representatives urged the Treasury Department’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to conduct a full investigation of the proposed sale.

U.K. based adds its spin:

“Any western company that persuades a foreign bidder to part with $1.75bn (928m) in return for a chronically unprofitable business would normally earn kudos for clinching a smart deal. But not, it seems, in Washington, where political resistance to IBM’s proposed sale of its personal computer division to China’s Lenovo is growing.”

F.T. continues …

“The congressmen have produced no evidence of any clear security threat, while Cfius’s apparent reservations remain unexplained. On the face of it, US fears seem overdone. PCs are not at the cutting edge of advanced technology, and the US does not have a monopoly over their manufacture. They are a low-margin commodity business, and IBM in any case already makes them in China. Meanwhile, suggestions that the deal could provide China with a beachhead for industrial espionage smack of cold war paranoia.”


Who the hell are they ( to tell the U.S. about security? We are talking about a country (China) that has nuclear missles pointed at the United States. Why are the Democrats and world socialists always on the same mental plane? Isn’t it worth at least an investigation as to possible security implications?

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