IAMcafe.com Searches Patents For Search Engines

    August 19, 2004

While the search engine wars between the Internet’s biggest players marches on, PatentCafe’s ICO Global Patent Search stands quietly in the background as the search engine used to search, search engine technology.

Earlier this month, Yahoo! and Google struck an agreement reportedly worth about $280 million to Yahoo! as satisfaction for Google’s alleged infringement of Overture’s US Patent number 6,269,361. Yahoo acquired Overture, along with its 361 patent, in July 2003 for $1.6 billion.

Was Google’s treading on Overture’s 316 patent a costly mistake, an oversight, or a calculated business risk? Leading up to its IPO, Google said “With respect to any intellectual property rights claim, we may have to pay damages or stop using technology found to be in violation of a third party’s rights.”

PatentCafe’s ICO global patent search allows any non-patent professionals such as venture capitalists, CEOs or marketing managers to enter a huge search query, even 1,000 words in natural language, into its advanced Latent Semantic Analysis search engine – the technology BusinessWeek called “beyond Google.”

On PatentCafe’s ICO patent search engine, the CONCEPT of an invention, not the literal words, is searched against 22 million patents in its database (250 million pages, or about 3 terabytes of US and international patents). The searcher instantly receives an organized list of the most important patents – all relevancy ranked.

Google, Yahoo, MSN, and even the US Patent and Trademark Office’s search queries are limited to only a few words – and none of these web search engines access global patent databases.

In his book “Essentials of Patents” (John Wiley & Sons, 2002) PatentCafe CEO Andy Gibbs explains how CEOs from the leading technology companies are taking a serious approach to Patent Quality Management (PQM) as a core business focus, and how CEOs lagging behind the patent management curve can implement sensible patent management metrics throughout the organization.

The search engine wars are far from over. Using PatentCafe’s patent search engine to search search engine technology, web search engine companies and their attorneys are just beginning to lay the groundwork for legal battles that will continue changing the search engine landscape over the next few years.

Jeremy Muncy is a staff writer for WebProNews.com