I Want My MTV Faster, Cable Guy!

    May 23, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Between 2003 and 2004, subscribers to cable broadband increased to 41 million, a 22 percent rise.

According to a press release, that number will grow slowly to 58 million subscribers by 2008, per the Infonetics Research’s Cable Aggregation Hardware quarterly worldwide market share and forecast report.

But revenue for cable termination modem systems (CTMS), the devices that connect a cable TV network to the Internet, decreased from the 4th quarter of last year to the 1st quarter of this year by 25%.

The decrease wasn’t too much of a surprise, as 4th quarter 2004 revenue was particularly large. 2004 was a record setting year in total, and the decrease was the first after seven straight quarterly increases.

The three leaders in CTMS – Cisco, Motorola, and Arris – will compete heavily in North America as demand for high-speed Internet access, VoIP options, and other technologies increases.

Cisco leads with over 50% market share in CTMS worldwide.

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