Hulu Obtains Episodes Of “Lost”

    August 3, 2009

Episodes of the hit show "Lost" have – at least in a limited fashion – finally found their way to Hulu.  Fans can now watch all of the first season, along with the last six episodes of the fifth.

We’ll admit: this move is sure to have its detractors.  DVD sales of "Lost" have been strong, and pirated episodes are (supposed to be) easy to find for free online.  So for ABC to make episodes available this late in the show’s run and also be stingy seems a little pointless.

But there is some hope that more installments are on the way, as a note on Hulu’s official page for "Lost" reads, "We’ll post additional seasons as they are made available."

Also, onlookers have to consider that the development helps Hulu keep pace with Netflix, which had its own "Lost"-related announcement to make today.

And finally, the "Lost" channel on Hulu should become much more useful when the sixth season starts to air.  If fans miss an episode or want to review a certain segment, no DVDs will be available yet, and Hulu will present a legal alternative to the pirates.