How to Avoid the Ugly Horizontal Scroll

    December 16, 2003

What you see is not always what you get at least with the standard screen sizes. Many new web designers will assume that if they are designing for a 800×600 screen that their web page tables should be 800 pixels wide. If you tried it, and you have to horizontally scroll to read your page content, I’m sure you were pretty frustrated. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

A good rule of thumb is to subtract 30 pixels from the width of your table to accommodate the screen size.


640x480 Screen = Table Width 610
800x600 Screen = Table Width 770
1024x768 Screen = Table Width 994 designs Website Templates with External CSS and has been providing webmasters worldwide with affordable template designs since 1994. BasicTemplates currently offers 650+ designs which may be purchased individually or get complete access to all templates via an affordable membership plan. Most templates were strategically designed with interchangeable graphics and elements to increase the potential number of design layouts for the end user. Each layout utilizes an external style sheet for easy site maintenance and to ensure fast page load.