Hotels Reserve Space In Yahoo Search

    June 28, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo has enabled some travel assistance within its search results for people looking for hotels at a vacation destination.

A blend of Yahoo Shortcuts and Yahoo Travel now provides users of Yahoo Search with a rapid way of finding a place to stay on a well-earned vacation.

Yahoo Search’s Lingxian Ding wrote of her European vacation daydreaming at the Yahoo Search blog. Her ideal holiday of two weeks abroad leads into using Yahoo to find places to stay.

The word ‘hotels’ triggers the new shortcut on Yahoo Search. Results it finds for queries like ‘hotels Barcelona’ appear immediately under the sponsored results box.

From the Shortcut result, people have the option of clicking price ranges or hotel class links to see results for those choices. Four of the most popular hotels for the destination have links available in the Shortcut result as well.

Visitors can search by brand name in a city to see results for properties under that brand. Our query for ‘Hilton Orlando’ delivered the Shortcut box again, with a map and markers for three Hilton properties. Those three hotels have their names and contact information, plus user ratingsand links to additional details, listed next to the map.

It’s enough to make you wish you were anywhere but the office.

Hotel search marketers should keep this new shortcut in mind. Hotels that appear in the list as most popular essentially receive a free boost to the top of Yahoo’s search results. Ones that don’t should consider ways to enhance their popularity with the Yahoo users in their clientele.